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Is serving what I want to do?


To serve or not to serve? But is that the real question? Do you believe in what you are serving? Regardless of what you are thinking of serving; God, company or country, the real question is “do I believe in it”. Do I agree with the direction and beliefs of that which I am purposing to serve?

You are correct; there are times when we must act on faith trusting that those who are leading understand something we currently do not or see something we are not able to see. But that should not be the continuous case. Transparence in leaders is not just a slogan but should be a life style. Those of us who follow need to know what and who we are following.

Loyalty is the result of continued reinforcement of fulfilled expectations. Where do your loyalties lie? Perhaps even more importantly why have you placed them there? We serve that which we choose to serve but that service can falter if we perceive a shift in leadership or in direction.

If you are a pastor, a leader in a company or an officer in the military as you serve and lead, let your loyalties be clear. There are many who are watching, looking to answer the question “what shall I serve.” Let your service be transparent and your reasons apparent, you are fulfilling expectations.

We all serve something, someone or some ideal. Just be sure that what you serve helps you sleep when you finally get to bed.


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Greg Rolfe

3 years ago #3

Thank you for adding your thoughts Tausif. It truly is a bit hypocritical to sit on the sidelines and point a finger at others also sitting there.

Greg Rolfe

4 years ago #2

Thank you Harvey. Your reply was thought provoking. Excellent!

Harvey Lloyd

4 years ago #1

Much has been written about servant leadership. But as you suggest, sometimes we have to ask the question why we serve what we do. Not to stop serving but adjust ourselves and our purpose. We may continue doing the same thing but at least we take an accounting. IMHO we seem to serve these days and this service causes us to feel empty. We serve and escalate the service looking for fulfillment, yet it never comes. Fulfillment is the marker of our service. Happiness is not fulfilment. It sometimes masks the or poses as the same but in the end it is a never ending challenge to keep happiness rolling. Fulfilment is hard, challenging and is the only path to Joy. Joy being that sensation of wholeness no matter what the circumstances, chore or problem. If you are not experiencing fulfilment then it must be happiness and that challenge is a race you will never win. Great thoughts and have a blessed day.

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