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Gone with the wind

Depending on who wins your future could be gone with the wind. Your hope, peace, future all gone. Well, at least that is what you have been told these last few months and even years in some locations. But is it actually true? Is your complete hope of happiness and contentedness riding on an election? I would expect that it isn't. Oh, could one politician make your life easier or more difficult based on their choices, sure. But then our lives have always been influenced by the decisions others make. But does our complete hope of a future ride in their hands?

Regardless of who wins in the local or presidential race your life is very much in your hands. Your choices are very much in your hands. I have seen fare more people wreck their own lives through their own choices than those significantly hindered by the actions and decisions of politicians. But that is not the claim of those running for office. Regardless of who wins you still must make your own choices, yes those choices will be influenced by the rules in place, but again they always have been.

A wise plan executed well has a very great opportunity for success. A poor plan executed with a lackluster effort tends to fail regardless of the external circumstances. So someone telling you that your future completely depends on your voting for them is a bit of a stretch and perhaps a bit arrogant. The most they can do in the vast array of situations is create influence and close or open options surrounding your situation. Your choices remain yours.

I guess my point is when you recognize who won the race you are concerned about neither total despair nor total exhilaration is warranted. Simply adjust your expectations and the decisions you need to make and continue forward. Despots and great leaders have both been in control throughout history and we are still here. Your future is in your hands so use them well.

Gone with the wind or simply influenced with a contrary hand? Hope and yes pray for the best, but remember you are the greatest influence on your future.


Gone with the wind
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Ken Boddie

11 months ago #3

“The best laid plans of mice and men”, Greg, are oft “gone with the wind” when the freedom of democracy is stifled by the stench of dictatorship. History tells us that many once great empires have fallen, so the future is never guaranteed for bystanders and the meek. The only relief is farce and comedy. Speaking of comedic “gone with the wind”, the lady of the manor was dining with her guests when she was overwhelmed by the urge to relieve herself of an inordinate buildup of natural gas. As she performed her noisy one-cheek squeak, she turned to the manservant behind her and haughtily spat out, “Would you mind stopping that?” Not missing a beat, the attendant immediately retorted with, “Certainly, Madame. Which way did it go?” 🤢

Greg Rolfe

11 months ago #2

Pascal Derrien very true. We retain our ability to choose even when others seemingly do or do not agree. Have an amazing day sir!!

Pascal Derrien

11 months ago #1

independently of the outcome choice will still be there in absolute terms even if your first choice did not win .......

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