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Freedom NOW Through Financial Intelligence


Pay close attention — As you absorb today’s content, imagine the possibilities that would open up for you if you were more financially intelligent (and therefore more financially FREE)…

Follow these 10 “intelligent cash flow” Principles, and you’ll become wealthier by Applying this wisdom in your own life.

  • Accurately Identify your Net Income – Make sure you know what your net income is because you can’t live on “ifcome”
  • Document all expenses
  • Spend no more than 75% of your net income
  • Never finance anything that depreciates, ex. a motorcycle – after 5 years you’ll paid nearly $60,000 for something that has reduced in value to $20,000
  • Set a price limit on spontaneous purchases
  • If using a credit or debit card increase your spending, pay with cash instead whenever you can 
  • Wipe out consumer debt before starting to save
  • Learn the difference between investments and expenses
  • Focus on quality of life and peace of mind when you become wealthy
  • Remember to be a blessing to others

"How to stay out of Debt, Spend less than you make. How to become Wealthy, Invest in Assets and not Liabilities." 

- Robert Kiyosaki

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