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Fire burns and Ice freezes but lukewarm encourages irrelevance

Now it is true that we do not have an opinion on everything, there are just some things that we truly could not care less about. But in the case of the rest how do we act? Do we get fired up and deliver a passionate position either in support or in opposition? Do we get icy encouraging the person seek another position as theirs is amazingly ill-informed? Or do we in an attempt to be inoffensive become the irrelevant?

Again I am not advising that we force our opinion on anyone but when addressed or asked unless you truly have no position give your honest answer. If someone has the courage to ask you for your input on a topic grant them the honor of a true reply. Give them your honest answer. True they might regret asking but they will know your direction and opinion on that particular topic.

In my case there are a number of topics my students do not bring up since they have no doubt on my position. Now I am not advising you beat the topic into the ground, as I have been known to, but to present a clear answer to the question. Passion stirs up emotion and emotion can bring about action, then action can bring about change.

Lukewarm replies bring about lukewarm responses both are irrelevant. Giving valuable answers to honest questions might bring about fewer questions but is that truly a problem?

Be fire or be ice, leave lukewarm to those who wish to be ignored.


Fire burns and Ice freezes but lukewarm encourages irrelevance
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