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2 months ago

Post from Steve DiGioia

Steve DiGioia · Who cares what your employees say! The opinions of your employees don’t matter. Really. They don’t. You prove this each day by your actions. · You continue to leave them in the dark about upcoming actions and decisions that affect them. You do little to address their concerns. No ...

4 months ago

Rights, opinions, and perspective

Greg Rolfe · A growing debate that is being bantered around is to what degree are you permitted to have differing opinions before they become public concerns. This debate is sometimes subtle while other times far from subtle. The discussion doesn't just surround the receiving or not of the va ...

6 months ago

Never let someone's opinion of you determine your future

John White, MBA · When they fired me and HR walked me out holding nothing but a box with my stuff in it, people said, "what a loser." · When I told people I wanted to become a writer, people said, "but you've never written anything. Nobody will publish you." · When I told people about my dreams to ...

10 months ago

To be a voice of reason

Greg Rolfe · To be a voice of reason · I have always believed it was my place to offer hope and peace to those around me. Not to say I have always been accurate at this. But it seems that it is a more beneficial path to take for myself as well as for those with whom I come in contact. But my ...

1 year ago

Reputation Risk

Greg Rolfe · There are many ways to build and then destroy your reputation. Many of us have even taken classes on the subject in an attempt to avoid some of the more common options. I am sure that I am not alone in noticing that lately these events that build or destroy reputation are more in ...

1 year ago

Some terrifying truths behind decision making

Greg Rolfe · I choose to read and watch a few arguments for and against mask wearing. Why you might ask, I was curious what people where thinking. After a while I noticed that very few if any on either side used actual facts. I found it very curious. The very vast majority simply said do as I ...

1 year ago

The prevalence of opinion

Greg Rolfe · We each have an opinion regardless of who we are. It is a simple truth that we make an opinion based on what we see or believe we know. We choose what we believe quickly, often based on what we desire to be true not what we might take the time to learn. · This opinion is then t ...

2 years ago

Thinking is more than agreeing and friends are more than parrots

Greg Rolfe · If you are anything like me you have friends who hold differing opinions and it can feel like being a referee, but to be honest this is a good thing. The ability to hold different opinions and ideas and then have the ability to express these ideas in an open and honest discussion ...

2 years ago

Staring at a blank page

Greg Rolfe · Well it’s time to write another post perhaps a blog, something to keep my voice in the wind letting people know I exist that I too write. Yet the words fail to come, ideas flash fleetingly through my mind never lingering long enough to catch. The empty page stares at me taunting ...

3 years ago

The burden of manipulation and its amazing saturation

Greg Rolfe · Manipulation abounds from the ever common “share and like” if you … so common on Facebook to the more subtle usage in ads and promotions. Manipulation is so common place that we often overlook it and perhaps seek to ignore it. But even in these situations its influence continues ...

3 years ago

Fire burns and Ice freezes but lukewarm encourages irrelevance

Greg Rolfe · Now it is true that we do not have an opinion on everything, there are just some things that we truly could not care less about. But in the case of the rest how do we act? Do we get fired up and deliver a passionate position either in support or in opposition? Do we get icy encou ...

4 years ago

Opinions the study of God and life and death

Greg Rolfe · Fact verses fiction, truth verses lies, and then there is theology. Theology is the study of God, the nature of God and religious beliefs. It can also be described as the knowledge and belief we have about God. Those of us who have taken more than a few moments to look at theolog ...

4 years ago

Is the truth simply my perspective?

Greg Rolfe · How often are we asked to believe that an individual’s perspective is truth and their opinion is fact? One of the evidences of this trend is in the trend we see as #not my president, if this were indeed true the person speaking would not be a citizen which would then imply they h ...

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