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Another Friday Funday: Random Bursts of Laughter


It's no laughing matter that it's September 1, right?


For those of us in the northern hemisphere, it's more than a little sad to realize that the summer months have once again flown by -- even though we usually get great weather in September and even October -- and in a short time the leaves will turn those gorgeous red and yellow hues, the days will be measurably shorter, and the sun will be lower in the sky.

OK. Nuff with the sad stuff. We're here because we want to laugh! To chortle! To giggle!

Let the games begin.

Typo alert!


It's not easy being a unicorn.




What's wrong with this?


But if no one heard it, did it really happen?




Amazing how taking a few words away changes everything, isn't it?





And my favorite for today:


Which is YOUR favorite one today?

Many of these funnies come from Facebook pages that you can access any time you need a few more good laughs. My favorites are聽Single Dad Laughing,聽I am not a grammar cop,聽Language Cranks Redux,聽Pun Based Humor,聽The Valley of Pun Memes,聽Wrong Hands, and聽Tannuzzo Copywriting.

If you enjoyed this post, please share it with your connections, OK? Let's spread the fun around!

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Lisa Gallagher

4 years ago #12

No hurricanes allowed Pamela \ud83d\udc1d Williams. Put in your request now, I did ;-) Scary to see that Irma may be headed in that direction. I hope it dissipates over time before it hits land.
They're all great, Susan. Your favorite is priceless!

Zacharias 馃悵 Voulgaris

4 years ago #10

It's a mystery. Someone stole the whole season and there were no witnesses to be found! Perhaps we need to call Sherlock...
Those pencils have nothing on YOU, Ken Boddie! Thanks so much.
Always a pleasure, Lisa \ud83d\udc1d Gallagher! Always. And yes. Adults say "pacific" often when they mean "specific." Couldn't resist adding that picture; there's some GREAT stuff out there for my Friday Funday posts!

Lisa Gallagher

4 years ago #7

These were all great Susan \ud83d\udc1d Rooks, the Grammar Goddess. I think my favorite was the last one. I've heard a lot of little ones use the term pacific instead of specific, adults do this too lol? As for the snooze, OMG spot on! Thanks for the laughs.

Ken Boddie

4 years ago #6

And then there's Ta-ra-ra-ra, Ta-ra-ra-ra-ra, Bat-can!

Ken Boddie

4 years ago #5

"iflea and seai" does it for me, Susan, but the drug pencil is just too sharp! 馃ぃ
Very funny, @Anne Thornley-Brown, MBA! Thanks!
Yup these passwords drive me nuts. Same with case IDs. They seem like they were generated from Data on Star Trek. Drives me nuts.
You and I think alike on spiders, Cyndi wilkins! How nice to know there's at least one other woman who understands that spiders are good, not bad.

Cyndi wilkins

4 years ago #1

Love the one about the spiders;-) I am a huge spider advocate and I'm constantly scolding people when they try to kill them around my house, especially in the bedroom...If you miss your target when you throw that shoe, that damned thing will come hunting for you after dark! LOL

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