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Advertising on Reddit: Your Cheap, Amazing Traffic Source

Advertising on Reddit: Cost & Strategy

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Reddit has generated 8 billion page views from nearly 500 million unique monthly visitors. It has thousands of targeted communities organized around every conceivable topic.

It’s the largest, most influential and most engaged community/platform/website on the entire Internet. It’s the self-proclaimed Front Page of The Internet – and the home of the Internet’s tastemakers with the people most likely to talk and voice opinions.

Reddit has cheap traffic. It has tons of very targeted ad inventory. We are currently generating traffic for twenty to thirty-five cents per click.

Based on stats alone, it should be a marketer’s dream…but marketers (still) aren’t really showing up like you’d expect. There are a lot of reasons for this – from it’s raucous and controversial reputation to its ugly interface to its odd subculture. It’s also not a safe, censored, walled garden like Facebook, and doesn’t have the mass culture buzz of Twitter. 

Reddit Is An Untapped Resource

You may think advertising on Reddit is an uphill battle and not worth it – just like all too many of the advertisers out there.
The fact that so many advertisers ignore Reddit represents a huge opportunity. Reddit is a wide-open platform for advertisers willing to spend time doing Reddit advertising correctly.

That’s because (compared to Google AdWords or Facebook Ads) no one knows how to advertise on Reddit. And often the advertisers who think they know how to advertise on Reddit… don’t actually know how to do it well (and often end up hurting their brands in the process).

We are experts in this space. Call me for a free strategy call.

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