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Adventures with Holly, Part 1

Adventures with Holly, Part 1


It was a long time ago, but I remember the first time I met her I noticed a glimmer in her eyes, and when she smiled at me my heart warmed. We had instant chemistry. She greeted me with an unexpected hug that felt so natural you’d think we were long-time friends. 

Holly had bright blue eyes and a wide beautiful smile that I’m sure could light up the moon. She was light-hearted and fun and very well dressed. She was down right gorgeous and really sexy, but it was the kind of sexy that took no effort. It was in her energy. She just was, and because of the way she looked at me I couldn’t help thinking that perhaps she was attracted to me.

I’ve heard guys tell me that all women are bisexual, but I always considered that to be wishful thinking. I could never picture myself really going in for a dive on a woman, and I certainly never fantasized about spending my life with a woman. For me, those fantasies were always male oriented.

Holly did something to me just the same, and really made me question my preferences. I wondered what was going on in my life that would give her the ability to ignite something inside of me I didn’t even know existed. I came up with nothing, but every time I saw her, I wanted to be alone with her.

We worked together and kept our relationship as best work-friends. We’d chat at work and take lunch breaks together. Then one night after working a bit late we decided to go get a drink together. The whole night long, all I could think about was how I could get the chance to kiss her. 

Holly would lean in and touch me when she was talking to me and I could see her breasts through the neckline of her blouse. Her bra was lacy and pretty. It looked expensive and her breasts looked plump and perfect. I noticed her nipples pushing through the lace. I tried not to stare but I wondered what it would be like to kiss them and fondle them. Would she want me to?

Nothing happened that night but it started a little habit of going for drinks after work on the days we worked late. I found myself wanting to work late all the time. I made it my habit to leave after Holly left, in case we got to go for another drink together.

We did go out several times and decided it would be more convenient to just go in the same car, so we would take turns driving. One night I drove Holly home after drinks because her car was being repaired. Since she didn’t have to drive at all, she drank a little more than usual. Perhaps that gave her the courage to invite me inside.

I was eager to spend any amount of time with Holly that I could, so even though I had to work the next morning, I happily accepted the invitation. 

Her apartment was neat and tastefully decorated. Pictures hung perfectly on walls painted in soothing shades. Little ornaments and hard covered books were arranged decoratively around her living room. I wondered how much she got paid. 

I told Holly her apartment was beautiful and she eagerly brought me to the bedroom to show me some clothes she had recently purchased. Then the fashion show began.

She stripped off in front of me. I was a little embarrassed. I came from a very conservative family and wasn’t used to seeing people prance around in their underwear. 

Holly’s taste in underwear was impeccable. She looked like a lingerie model. I tried not to look obvious as I scanned every inch of her body. I admired the softness of her feminine curves. I noticed a small freckle on the left side of her stomach above the pink lace of her panty line.  She was wearing another lacy bra and her beautiful nipples poked through as if to beckon me.

She turned around to pick a dress out of the closet. The elastic of her panties pressed into the fullness of her bottom. I took notice of how her ass curved into a gap between her legs. I admired the way her waist curved into her hipline. Her skin looked firm and smooth. I wanted to touch it with my lips and taste it with my tongue. I wanted to kiss the back of her neck and her shoulders. I wanted to taste every inch of her. 

Holly turned around to slip into her dress and I checked myself to not look too hungry. I told her the dress looked beautiful on her. She smiled and thanked me and then asked if I wanted to try it on. I quickly wondered about my own underwear. I couldn’t remember what I put on that morning, but I was pretty sure it was nothing sexy. In fact, you can pretty much bet that if I wore it to work, it was comfortable and practical. 

I joked that my undies were probably not very pretty, but agreed to try on her dress just the same. I’d do anything to be almost naked near Holly. I’m well proportioned and in good shape, so even though I felt a little shy, I summoned the courage to strip down to my bra and panties. 

Holly joked that my bra looked comfortable and touched by beast. I looked down at her hand and she asked if she could kiss me. “Yeah,” I told her and she leaned toward me.

Her lips were soft and her tongue felt delicate in my mouth. Everything about her felt delicate and sweet. Such a juxtaposition to the male to female experience I was accustomed to. It was so erotic.

Our hands and lips explored each other’s breasts and then Holly moved my panties and placed her fingers between my legs. I did the same to her. Nobody ever touched my clit like she did. I was hoping I could make her feel the same way.

Holly moved me over to the bed and without a word began to remove my clothes. Her face was between my legs while she gently fingered the outside of my anus. She reached up with her other hand to fondle my nipples. I felt a wave of pleasure rise up inside me. I came so easily it surprised me. Holly knew exactly what to do.

I took my turn with Holly. I caressed her body with my lips and tongue and gradually made my way down to her soft, bare pussy. I noticed that it tasted like it smelled. It was a clean pussy smell and I felt aroused just being there. I savoured her swollen pussy with my tongue and lips and gently touched the rim of her anus with my tongue. I could feel her back arch and her legs tighten around me. She let out a cry as she orgasmed and as she squirted her juices in my face, I drank what I could. It was mildly sweet. I rubbed what I could all over me running my hands over my breasts and down between my legs.

Holly reached into her bedside table and pulled out a double ended dildo and two small clitoral stimulators. “Are you ready for more?” 

“Yes,” I smiled. We continued to kiss and fondle each other a bit and then Holly slipped the dildo inside me. I sat up so she could put her end in and then we thrusted against each other using the mini vibrators to stimulate our clits. 

We played together over and over again. It’s the gift that goes with being a woman.  We were so happy and relaxed together all night. Undoubtedly Holly gave me the best sex I ever had. 

Follow me on beBee if you want to hear more about my adventures with Holly and other girls. 

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Rebecca Stewart

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Anne Strong

1 year ago #9

Rebecca Stewart

1 year ago #8

Neil Smith

1 year ago #7

Rebecca Stewart

1 year ago #6

@Neil Smith @Gary Lancer @Julio Angel 🐝Lopez Lopez , what are your thoughts on the comments below?

Rebecca Stewart

1 year ago #5

Rebecca Stewart

1 year ago #4

#2 #3 I think it is important to remember that fiction writing (and this is entirely fictional) is a form of creative expression. Nobody should have to stand in judgement for writing a story. This piece has a specific audience that you are not a part of, and I respect that completely, but whose writing appeals to everyone? 

I find it problematic that women judge other women and condemn them for being sexual, when in fact, we are ALL sexual beings. Humans are hard wired to enjoy and seek out sexual stimulation. Sex is a basic human need and even the United Nations and WHO consider it a human right to have access to safe and satisfying sex. Consensual sexual activity among adults should never be judged as inappropriate. Writing about it and publishing it on a platform for adults is rather benign, in my opinion. 

Renée 🐝 Cormier

1 year ago #3

Actually, I blocked you and anyone who shared you.  I didn't know beBee was going porno.

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