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6 days ago

Dipping my toes into Crypto last night

Junie Rutkevich · Oh the adrenal rush is exhilarating. Such a great experience though.

6 months ago

Adventures with Holly, Part 1

Rebecca Stewart · It was a long time ago, but I remember the first time I met her I noticed a glimmer in her eyes, and when she smiled at me my heart warmed. We had instant chemistry. She greeted me with an unexpected hug that felt so natural you’d think we were long-time friends.  · Holly had bri ...

2 years ago

Before you sleep at night

Greg Rolfe · Before you sleep at night what do you believe must be accomplished? What must be done so you consider the day a success or at least passable? For the most part we consider life an action oriented event. Each day must be filled with a certain number of actions and results so we ca ...

4 years ago

Tuesday Tricksters: News -- Night

Susan 🐝 Rooks, The Grammar Goddess · The Tuesday Tricksters seem to be everyone’s favorite: five pairs/groups of words known as homophones that sound alike (or almost, anyway), but are spelled differently and mean something different.  · They’re the toughest words in English to use correctly, because it’s so easy to ...

4 years ago

Slow on the "Uptake"--But not anymore! Well ok, maybe still a little slow; but hey I'm a Digital Immigrant

Joel Anderson · Gert Scholtz recently wrote an article about time.  · I read it.  · I liked it.  · I shared it.  · But alas, call me exceptionally slow to actually see something that was right there in front of me.  · I somehow missed a really important tool that could help me read and understan ...

4 years ago

A Simple Star

Michael D. Davis · A Simple Star · I am but a simple star, made of paper and foil, tattered, tapped, creased, glued, bent and torn. Years of use and abuse at the hands of young and old alike, leave me bearing the scars of the memories of generations and nations far and near. · Old and worn · Tatter ...

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