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Marketplaces are no longer synonymous with the crowded avenues on weekend mornings. People don’t flock to a commonplace anymore. Nor do they wait in line to purchase their preferred products and services on deals. With online marketplace app development everyday is either a sale or a festive occasion with people buying things they needed, didn’t need, felt impulsive to buy and more.


From hand picking farm-fresh vegetables and groceries to manually trying out apparel and clothing accessories, we have come to getting them delivered at doorsteps and trying them on virtually through AR and VR technologies. Online marketplaces are the current rage and their prominence has increased further after the onset of the global pandemic.

While every other industry either shut down or struggled to cope up with its operations and crumbling economic conditions, the only industry that not just survived but soared during the pandemic was eCommerce and its allied segments like marketplaces, on-demand business services and more.

People preferred to stay away from any and all forms of human contact and decided to shop online. Even the boomer generation that was staunchly against online shopping and other forms of non-conventional mediums got a taste of marketplaces and their convenience. This pushed several businesses out there to bring in digital transformation into their operations and prefer marketplace app development to attract new customers from beyond their geographical locations.

So, if you’re someone who is eyeing marketplace mobile app development for your venture, this exclusive guide is just for you. We break down all essential details you need to know about marketplace development including what it is, its advantages, setting up an online marketplace and more.

Let’s get started.

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