Students - Equity Trading Desk Internship Summer 2019 - New York, United States - SMB Capital

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    SMB Capital is excited to offer a Summer 2023 internship opportunity for college students who aspire toward a professional equities trading career after graduation.

    Our internship is designed to introduce you to the fast-paced, opportunity-rich world of intraday equities trading and, in turn, for us to witness your strong work ethic, creative problem-solving, and passion for markets, trading, and coding.

    This internship is, first and foremost, is for current US college students an opportunity for students to be immersed in the culture of our NYC trading desk and to work through the same 8-week training module that we require of our graduate new-hires.

    The internship is structured as an 8 week program with a target start date in early June 2023 but has some degree of flexibility around your school schedule.

    We are searching for students with a passion for the markets and trading, whether discretionary trading or quantitative trading / coding.

    This opportunity requires an unusual attention to detail, ability to work well under pressure, and ability to multi task.

    The internship is unpaid, though we are happy to work with your university to grant you credit for the internship.

    Top talent will be offered an opportunity to join our trading desk upon graduation.

    What is the career path for our graduate traders? New traders will spend two years training and trading, developing essential trading skills and building a trading playbook that makes the most sense to them.

    New traders will also be expected to build competence in quantitative trading, starting with simple alerting scripts in python and moving onward to fully-fledged models for diverse trading environments.

    Then, the best traders after two years will have the opportunity to further their training and trade a bigger book.

    During this next career phase, traders will trade with more size and further develop their technical analysis, risk management, and quant skills.

    All traders benefit from coaching and mentorship from the firm's partners and senior traders, and from access to Dr. Brett Steenbarger, a renown trading psychologist who partners with our firm.

    Our top traders are experts in their unique market niches and are generally multi-product traders, supplementing equities trading with asset classes like equity options, and futures.

    Please view our website at to learn more about us.