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4 years ago

Thrashing What Everybody Knows

Jerry Fletcher · Actions do speak louder than words. · When you operate on the basis of "everybody knows" you enter into a world of hope, half-truths and heaps of pain. Examples: · 1. Price · Everybody knows that if you're product is the "new kid on the block" your price should be the lowest. ...

4 years ago

Wrong's not the new Right

Franci 🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador ·   · Surely, you know I don’t jest · The seesaw of life is our test · Class is over there’s no win-win · Let’s ponder the resolve once again · Ideation on the brink of decay · The misdeeds of others in our way · Ain’t no way a wrong makes a right · But maybe in theory just for spi ...

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