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1 year ago

Manuel Chinchilla Da Silva, Venezuela, Realidad Virtual y el Singular Terreno del Petróleo y el Gas

Manuel Chinchilla da Silva · Puede que al principio la industria petrolera y gasífera no nos haga pensar en realidad virtual. Sin embargo, la innovación que está viendo la industria de recursos naturales se centra en el poder de los análisis hipotéticos a través de la realidad virtual. La realidad virtual no ...

2 years ago

Two Vital Technology Concepts For International Businesses | Manuel Chinchilla Da Silva | Venezuela

Manuel Chinchilla da Silva · International business allows collaboration between talented minds across the world without expensive, lengthy travel. It also allows access to multiple business sectors across multiple cultures. · Having access to distant talent and robust data can be a game-changer, but it can ...

2 years ago

Pool Party

Cecilia Castelli · Mis fines de semana oscilan entre Amazon Prime, pisingallo orgánico, pantuflas de corderito y una patada a la puerta del baño que no cierra bien. Los auriculares puestos para cancelar el ruido de mi estado civil, y un cartel en la cabecera de la cama que dice “se terminó el show ...

2 years ago

Manuel Chinchilla Da Silva, Venezuela, Oil and Gas Turn to AI to Cut Costs

Manuel Chinchilla da Silva · Oil and gas companies are turning to artificial intelligence to reduce costs · Artificial intelligence (AI) recently slipped into the oil and gas industry. This has been possible thanks to machine learning inventions and low data storage costs. · An obvious way in which oil and g ...

2 years ago

Manuel Chinchilla Da Silva, Venezuela, Discusses Careers in International Business

Manuel Chinchilla da Silva · International business careers give workers an opportunity to become relevant across the globe. Not all careers, however, have such an international demand. Internationally recognized careers give the workers an opportunity to not only travel but also interact with high-level ass ...

2 years ago

Manuel Chinchilla Da Silva, Venezuela: Ecopetrol plans to invest between 12 and 15 billion dollars to increase production between 2019 and 2021

Manuel Chinchilla da Silva · The Colombian oil company estimates to bring its production closer to one million barrels a day of oil · For gas projects in basins identified in the Caribbean Sea, an investment of 320 million dollars is estimated · With a view to increasing production, Colombian state-owned oil ...

2 years ago

Who is Manuel Chinchilla Da Silva of Miami and Venezuela?

Manuel Chinchilla da Silva · Manuel Chinchilla Da Silva is an international businessman operating on a multinational platform. Born in Venezuela, he is now based in the United States. As an international businessman, he has had a foothold in the oil industry but has impressive experience in many different in ...

2 years ago

La Alquitrana, the beginning of the oil industry in Venezuela, by Manuel Chinchilla Da Silva.

Manuel Chinchilla da Silva · 142 years ago, in 1875, thanks to a telluric movement, the exploitation of crude oil began in the Táchira state. · Manuel Antonio Pulido, owner of the coffee farm "La Alquitrana", located in the state Táchira, is the one who discovers that, after a telluric movement, the cracks p ...

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