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5 months ago

The forest or the trees

Greg Rolfe · The old adage that “we can't see the forest for the trees” is often true, but what is to say we don't need to see both? Are there not times that we need to see both the big picture and the small? Do we not need both perspectives to accurately understand what we are looking at? Th ...

5 months ago

Rights, opinions, and perspective

Greg Rolfe · A growing debate that is being bantered around is to what degree are you permitted to have differing opinions before they become public concerns. This debate is sometimes subtle while other times far from subtle. The discussion doesn't just surround the receiving or not of the va ...

1 year ago

The perspective of loss

Greg Rolfe · Well it has come to pass that I have lost my main work computer. I have lost just over 10 years of notes, posts and quite a bit more. Yes this occurred a while ago but I have just come to the place where I could talk about it from the perspective of distance. · At first all I c ...

2 years ago

Mind Management 101

Cyndi wilkins ·  Creating a clear canvas through which to communicate requires a 'thought refining' process with the intention of making a clear statement and/or thought from one point of reference to another. The more clarity you bring to this process, the more connected you are to any desired ...

4 years ago

Is the truth simply my perspective?

Greg Rolfe · How often are we asked to believe that an individual’s perspective is truth and their opinion is fact? One of the evidences of this trend is in the trend we see as #not my president, if this were indeed true the person speaking would not be a citizen which would then imply they h ...

4 years ago

Is my opponent truly stupid?

Greg Rolfe · Lately on social media and other sharing groups we are seeing a vast array of hate speech. Yes it is sometimes cloaked in “polite” terms but hate is the point. Now to be honest I expect many of these posts are intended to “wake” up those who read these posts. We all know this nev ...

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