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5 days ago


Paris Hicks · Hi, i'm new to this so it would be nice for some help :) · thanks. · and my name is paris, i'm 16 , a junior in high school :)

2 months ago


A.SILVESTRI CO. · Six generations of the Silvestri family have worked in the statuary industry. In the year 1900, Arcangelo Silvestri and his two brothers moved to San Francisco. They started making plaster of Paris ornamental moulding and figures, which they sold door to door. The kewpie doll was ...

4 months ago

Before COVID, After COVID

Javier 🐝 CR · I love Irina Blok's creativity, in a humorous tone, reflecting things of everyday life in a simple, very understandable way. · Before Covid, After Covid. Irina Blok · working at the office, working at home · co-workers, before covid, after covid  · air freshener, before covid, af ...

7 months ago

Rash Decisions

Fay Vietmeier · It is written: “Wisdom is not hasty” · It has been said: “Act in leisure .. repent in haste” · Decisions made in haste .. are destined to produce waste. · “Rash decisions” · From where do they stem? · Very often we live to “regret” them · Very often, they make us feel cond ...

1 year ago

Julio Cortázar

Cecilia Castelli · Acabo de volver de la tumba de Julio Cortázar en el cementerio de Montparnasse. Para mi puñetera sorpresa mi escritor favorito está enterrado entre sus dos exmujeres. No quiero mezclar el trabajo con la vida privada, pero, ¿en serio? No solo que este evento desafortunado hace ver ...

1 year ago

Un pico de alegría

Cecilia Castelli · —¡Ceci! Acabo de separar el dinero para nuestro viaje, en cuánto abran las fronteras me voy a visitarte. Te doy mis ahorros y cuando saques tu pasaje comprás el mío también. · Acabo de estornudar de los nervios y salió Grecia de mi boca. Finalmente las buenas noticas empezaron a ...

1 year ago

Best Destinations Around the World for Solo Travelers

Bryan Dunst · Traveling is an amazing experience that everyone should have. It opens you up to an entire world of culture, adventure, and once in a lifetime opportunities. One adventure that few people are able to set upon is traveling to a new destination by themselves. Traveling solo may sou ...

3 years ago

I Agree. You Disagree. Now What?

Dave Worthen · I agree. · When you read that sentence by itself, it tends to be uplifting. · I agree. · See? · You could probably have someone come around you every hour on the hour and just tell you, “I agree,” and you’d feel better. · Try this: Just think of someone poking their head into y ...

5 years ago

A Good Day

Mark Blevins · Well, the National Election is in four days. I already sent my ballot in by mail. I voted for Hilary. For all you guys who think guy running against her is a better option… I hope he doesn’t get in. I don’t know how much influence anyone has on who gets elected, I guess all I can ...

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