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2 months ago

Angela Merkel governed Germany to the left of Bernie Sanders — so why don't Americans know?

Francisco Lopez · Angela Merkel governed Germany to the left of Bernie Sanders — so why don't Americans know? · The headline at Fox "News" blares: "German Elections: Big Setback for Merkel's Conservatives as Center-Left Party Comes Out on Top." In a single sentence, it summarizes everything wrong ...

2 months ago

Sharing some fun from, Debbie D., my blogger friend in Toronto

Franci 🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador · THE YEAR WAS 1969 | #MusicalMemories · The year was 1969.  We had moved back to Germany from Canada in 1965. (See previous instalments for details. Click HERE.) Weekdays, living on the base, I was just another Canadian “Army Brat”. Weekends, with my grandparents and other relativ ...

6 months ago

7 Smart Tips for Greater Motivation!

Cindy Jones · When you are motivated, your productivity will skyrocket. However, there are times you will feel less motivated. This may be because you are not feeling well, you have no goals for yourself or you have lost your purpose.  · For these moments, here are tips for you to gain renewed ...

1 year ago

Do You Think Hitler and Stalin Were Originals? By Edwin Black

Joyce 🐝 Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee · Sometimes things are done so well they need no do-over--they just need to be shared. · Via · Chrisforliberty's Blog · (I’ve known since childhood that the official history as portrayed in the school textbooks was false.) · November 09, 2003 · By Edwin Black · Hitler and his hen ...

1 year ago

Female Leaders Responding to the COVID Crisis

Ember Conley · Although the COVID-19 has meant quarantines, lifestyle changes, health tricks, and financial hardships, it has also highlighted how strong communities can be when thoughtful and caring people work together. On top of that, many people have taken note of the swift and decisive way ...

4 years ago

Weekends With Family

Mark Blevins · I went bowling with some of my family over the weekend. I was my Cousin Tommy’s 18th birthday party. I grew up playing with his mom. We were “partners in crime!” I’d have to take her with me so she wouldn’t snitch me off when we were kids, and now he’s a grown man. Time flies. · ...

5 years ago

Dad's Wild Ride: To Hellcat and Back

Randy Keho · I built this 1/35-scale diorama about 15 years ago in honor of my father for his service during World War II. His tank destroyer battalion was attached to U. S. Gen. George S. Patton as he raced from Normandy to Germany.  · Before I required bifocals, I used to compete in various ...

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