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2 months ago

Querida Florida

Cecilia Castelli · Lo bueno de vivir a una cuadra de la playa es que vas todos los días y tu patio es el Atlántico, nada mal para una chica que todavía no se jubiló. Lo malo, es que te encontras con todos los jubilados. · Pero soy una mujer preparada, y ni bien llego a territorio arenoso, evito a c ...

2 years ago

"Why do some senior executives refuse to get coaching for their leadership style?"

Michael Toebe · Doug's Question: “Why do some senior executives refuse to get coaching for their leadership style?” · Answer: It’s factual that some senior executives purposely avoid coaching for their leadership style. The question is what psychological reasoning is driving their decision makin ...

4 years ago

Long Time No Gab

Jerry Fletcher · Doug called me yesterday. · I didn't have time to talk as I was on my way to a client meeting. · I called him back in the afternoon and caught him out for his afternoon walk in Centennial Colorado. · As close as we could figure we had not spoken to each other for at least 20 or 2 ...

5 years ago

Remembering 9/11 and My Dear Friend, Doug

David B. Grinberg · Where were you on the morning of September 11, 2001? · I vividly recall that nightmarish day. I was at work in downtown Washington, DC. Some of my co-workers were watching the live newscasts after the first plane struck the World Trade Center. Everyone thought this was a terrible ...

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