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Francisco Lopez

6 months ago

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Putin's Philosopher

Putin's Philosopher

Ilyin has also received a great deal of attention from seemingly polar opposite groups within Russian society. The Putin administration often quotes him. Members of the Russian Orthodox Church have praised him as a “religious philosopher” who “preached about the spiritual renewal and rebirth of Russia.” And a leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation called him someone who “made a very significant contribution to the development of the Russian state ideology of patriotism.” So, who is Mr. Ilyin?

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Francisco Lopez

11 months ago

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Julian Assange Kidnapping Plot Casts New Light on 2018 Senate Intelligence Maneuver

The CIA labeled WikiLeaks a “non-state hostile intelligence service” while entertaining plans to kidnap or assassinate its founder.

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Francisco Lopez

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1 year ago

Jim Murray


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1 year ago

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Post from Jim Murray

See this guy? Big time General in the USA. Made a big decision toward the end of the Trump presidency to make sure that Trump would not idiotically (like he did everything else) start a war with China. But with the way things are in the US these days, this guy will probably get thrown under the bus when he really should be given a medal for valor. I don't believe he acted only like a general in this case. I believe he acted like a real American who was afraid that his country would start a war with a major power because of some lunatic. And can you really blame him? Four years of lunacy caused a lot of people in the US to doubt a lot of things. The country really needs to admit they pulled a boner when they elected Trump. And give this guy a medal for saving the country from even more insanity


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Post from Francisco Lopez

The U.S, is the only nation with ethical standard for AI weapons. Should we be afraid?

Artificial Intelligence technology is on the verge of transforming the nature of war and conflict, capable of deciding when and even whom to kill from afar.

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