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Velamma Episode 01: The Beginning

When her son’s friend needs her help, Velamma is ready to do anything to help him out in episode 1 of Velamma Comics – The Beginning. But where will it lead her? This is how it all started!


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Veena Episode 01: To Sir with Love

When Veena fails in her accountancy exam, Prof. Ramalingam, her teacher and her father’s best friend, offers to tutor her in episode 1 of Veena comics. However, one rainy evening, the subject changes from accountancy to something sexier when Veena’s naked body turns on the Professor, right under his wife’s nose. Read the full comic free


Episode 1

Lg veena

To Sir With Love

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Miss Rita Episode 01: The Interview

Rita Malhotra. Her dream – to make a difference in the world by teaching. Her ambition – to become a top lecturer in one of the top universities in India. Her obstacle – the final interview with the principal Raj.

When Rita moves from her small town to the big city to follow her dream, little did she know what awaited her in the prestigious Millennium University. When the principal of the college she wants to teach in asks her to perform the ultimate act of dedication to her job, Rita does not know what to do. Which path will she choose and where will it lead her? Find out in the first episode of this new exciting series Miss Rita – Episode 1 : The Interview.

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Sherlyn Episode 01: Young Innocent and About to Become a Model

Sherlyn is an exciting new Kirtu original series about a sweet, young and naive small-town girl who arrives in the big city of Mumbai to pursue her dream of working in the fashion industry. Will she be able to maintain her innocence or will the highly sexualized world of high fashion drag her down into the gutter with it? Find out in the brand new title – Sherlyn Episode 1!

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