Rosa Johnston

Rosa Johnston

San Antonio, Bexar

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engineering Freelancer

About me:

I’m Rosa Johnston and go by Rosita I’ve been a homeschooled  mom and owned my own business ever since the pandemic. Before that I enjoyed being out in the workforce but it’s been challenging times and uncertainty causing unemployment and so now I believe it’s getting safer and I feel more comfident about being out and welcoming  The workforce world in a positive way and strong way.  


I have some college totally 48 hours and Wanted to use that to be a susbti teacher since I meet the requirements but then I found this job with feels a lot more at home to the heart for me. 


Yes I am very professional at work from head to toe to anode and out . I take pride in my work and I feel that one is always being judged for their work and so I feel I could be a sort of perfectionist at times but a major team player as well. 

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