Michael Dastic

Salt Lake City - Utah

report_problem This professional is not open to finding a new job

About me:

Michael Dastic Professional Salesperson from Salt Lake City. There are some characteristics that make a good seller and one of the best traits you should have is to be a good listener. The best seller recognizes this and is able to develop and improve his hearing abilities.


Sales University of Salt Lake City
Sales and Marketing University of Salt Lake


Salesman Iron Planet Mike Dastic IronPlanet was my home from the first day I worked there in January 2007 until Ritchie Bros acquired it in 2016.

Michael Dastic I continued working at Ritchie Bros for more than 2 years and then decided to look for new opportunities. I specialize in heavy equipment sales. However, I am open to all fields and want to try new challenges.

What kind of projects is Michael Dastic looking for?

Mike Dastic The easy part of selling is thinking that someone needs your product or service and is willing to buy it. Otherwise, you would not exist, since a company that does not sell is extinguished. 

The tricky part is coming up with a strategy. For this, it is necessary to start from the premise that all the members of the organization have to be focused on this task, not only the members of the commercial department.

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