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engineering Freelancer

About me:

Experienced full stack Software Engineer with high attention to detail and exceptional analytical abilities in challenging, fast-paced environments, looking to develop software that will help make more well informed decisions and solve problems. Proven leader to get things done with extensive marketing background including data analytics and data visualization to bridge the gap between client and technology.


I have my BS in Business Marketing; however, most recently I graduated from one of the top coding bootcamps called Hack Reactor where I learned full stack software engineering to incorporate with my marketing and data background.



For the past few years, my professional experience has been focused on becoming the most well-rounded marketer with experience in digital, brand, UI/UX, data, and PR marketing. However, more recently, I have wanted to pursue the production and development side which lead me to develop my software engineering skills. While at Wells Fargo, I have taken on more responsibilities by utilizing my software engineer skills to build tools that can speed up the data analysis processes. 


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