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(I changed the title because I realized this post is more about me not understanding what people do than The Holidays)

The other day I was playing chess and some guy walked up and started talking to me about the game. I told him it was my game not his and he could play the winner if he wanted to. After a few moves he told me I was going to lose the game because I didn’t listen to him. I knew my queen was going to get taken but I had a better position on the board than my opponent.

I asked him why he thought I had to explain my strategy to him and why he was involving himself in a game he wasn’t even playing. He tells me he’s old enough to be my father. So I went ahead and told him I had talked to my dad a few days before and asked him who the hell he was.

He just walked off.

I don’t know what made him think I don’t know who my family is. Maybe he fathered a bunch of crackers and doesn’t know who his own kids are.

Poor Bastard


The temp job I was working is done. That’s okay. It was probably time to move on. A few guys there wanted to be friends. When they realized I keep my job away from my personal life and don’t think of anyone as “like family” a couple of them got weird on me.

I don’t know why they kept asking questions about my personal life and started repeating what I said like parrots, but they were annoying. One of them started staring me down like he wanted to fight.

He asked me why I never wanted to talk to anyone. Maybe I shouldn’t have told him because it gives you a big dick, but he just wouldn’t stop asking questions.

Halloween is almost here then it’s the holidays. I don’t know if people who read my blog are religious or not, but the extra food is always nice. I think it’s also cool to watch the kids get excited about going trick–or- treat and go nuts about Christmas.

I also remember it’s time to go to church again so my mom doesn’t start her preaching.

As long as people don’t drink too much and stay out of jail, I think the holidays are usually fun for just about everyone.

Written by Mark Blevins

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I was a Construction Worker and Commercial Fisherman. An injury on a fishing boat in Alaska forced me into early retirement. Now I’m a Writer and Blogger. Having to start over forced me to realize people are more than their job title.

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John Rylance

3 years ago #4

I've just reread my post, and realised I may unintentionally trivialised a serious piece.  Those who cry Bah Humbug are often the lonely members of society, or those who for whatever reason holidays hold unpleasant memories.  We should of course reach out to them in some way that shows we care and more importantly understand.

John Rylance

3 years ago #3

Deck the holidays with boughs of holly. My aren't you the prickly one. Bah Humbug, I'm off to enjoy myself.
Loneliness during the holidays can be difficult for people. The holidays can be a joyful time for some but also a depressing time for others, especially for those that have lost loved ones. Kind gestures are usually welcomed during the holidays to help those in need. I hope your holidays are full of joy, Mark.

Jerry Fletcher

3 years ago #1

Mark, that old dude was looking for a relationship, any kind of relationship. With regard to the job experience--most people have difficulty separating job from personal life. Just because you can do it, don't expect others to be able to do so. Any behavior directed at you is in part caused by your behavior. Enjoy the holidays but try to reach out and connect with just one person you know on a deeper level. It is worth the effort. With luck, you won't find yourself wandering around looking to connect like that old dude.

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