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Why Wearing A Face Mask Is Important

Why Wearing A Face Mask Is Important

Face masks are a great item that allows a person to interact comfortably with others and avoid spreading or catching an infectious disease. Face masks are commonplace for medical professionals and have been for years and years. There is a big reason why face masks are necessary for hospital and medical staff to wear while they work.

If a person is sick, wearing a face mask will stop germs from escaping through the air and infecting other individuals. Similarly, someone who is not currently ill will wear a face mask to avoid contracting any airborne infectious germs. When everyone wears a face mask, the general risk of infection from any illness spread through the air will be much lower.

Ensure that you have clean hands before handling a face mask. Having clean hands is especially important when you are touching a disposable face mask. Disposable masks can also tear or get holes. These masks should be disposed of for a new face mask immediately.

There is a right and wrong way to wear a face mask. Determine the top from the bottom of the face mask. Wearing a face mask upside down will hinder the protective capabilities of it. It will also be uncomfortable.

Face masks come in a variety of forms that feature several different ways to secure it on your face. Face masks using ties should be tied securely behind the head after bringing it towards the nose. Face masks with ear loops have elastic loops that notch securely behind the ears. And face masks with bands have top and bottom straps. These straps come behind the head to help hold the face mask snuggly in place. Determine the correct way to wear your face mask so that you can quickly put one on or change one out for a new face mask.

However, the most vital part of wearing a face mask is to pull it properly over the mouth, chin, and nose. If you leave any portion of your lower face uncovered, airborne infectious germs can get into your body. The point of a face mask is to protect the paths into your respiratory system.

Wearing a face mask is common for all medical and hospital staff. A face mask is a courtesy to both protect patients and themselves from infectious disease.

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