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Why Movies Are Released On Friday’s?

It has been a tradition that new films release on Fridays. This is an unspoken protocol that has been around for as long as we remember and is seldom debated.

However, sometimes certain producers like to release their films on other days of the week which are national holidays or important festivals.

Releasing a film on Friday has several benefits.


Friday marks the start of the weekend. It is the day when people are most relaxed and generally in “Thank God it’s Friday” mode.

It is the most likely day to catch a movie after work to relax and unwind.

Also, by following a uniform pattern, it is easier for everyone to plan their schedule and movies time as everyone knows that the latest movie will get released on no other day but Friday.

If we look at the other side, it might also be helpful to release movies on any other day of the week.

By keeping an open system, producers will be allowed to choose any day of the week to release their films. The biggest advantage of this system would be that box office clashes will be avoided.

Each film will get its due share of audience attention.

Also, some producers may prefer Saturdays or Sundays and can easily choose those days.

With most of the audience booking film tickets over the internet, this system too will not have any major disadvantages or discomfort except that it will take some time to adjust to the new and open schedules.

Films releasing on Saturdays will mean that the opening collection of the films will be huge.

As regards to Sunday releases, it might also be a good idea to do so as Sundays are the most relaxing and free days of the week and even those who might work on Saturdays are free on Sundays.

Sunday is the day most markets are also closed and people often feel bored due to lack of recreation. A film releasing on Sunday will benefit both the public and the producers.

You might be surprised to know this style of releasing films of Fridays is a habit adopted from the American style of releasing Hollywood films on Fridays. And since then it became a norm.

Also, in the old days and even now in several places, Friday is payday so people have enough money to spend on recreation on Fridays and then, of course, the relaxation over the weekend follows.

This is one of the many reasons for Friday film releases.

Now it’s an accepted and known protocol that people have become habitual to. Do you think to have an open release system would be better?

Or do you think the preferred day should be any other day of the week? What will be your preferred day? Saturday, Sunday or good old Friday?

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Why Movies Are Released On Friday’s?

It has been a tradition that new films release on ...