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LinkedIn has been infiltrated by the Far Right

The Republikkklan Party today: Ground zero of


Facebook is not the only major site in trouble  for amplifying potentially damaging far right content. LinkedIn has been infiltrated by the far right and is silencing people who oppose it. Because of its more affluent and influential membership, is not a platform that should be keep under the radar, The Intel services of our foes are using them as the platform for a huge PsyOp. As an example, 9 out of 10 religious pages in Facebook are L Russian intel sponsored and/or managed

LinkedIn has been infiltrated by the Far Right, is against progressives and is returning to the times where it was the new Nigeria and becoming Trumplandia. I t has active fake profiles run by AI bots trolling people with a different message than the Russian and/or Chinese or else propaganda.

I used LinkedIn as my virtual rolodex and was conducting some business when I got booted out. Most of my contacts are leaders in their industry, government, academia, and society. The ones I managed to contact, are outraged, as they follow my posts and responses to trolls, and they see no reason to be booted out. I am not Donald Trump broadcasting lies and blowing the whistle to his followers, nor an antivaxxer or anti masker disseminating disinformation and putting many lives at risk nor recommend bleach nor horse parasite medicine. I am a supporter of freedom and secularism. I support the separation between Church and state, but I do not support a freedom that is not responsible to the greater good nor accountable to society. Freedom is not free, that's why we have mores, ethics, and law.

Part of my political and economic positions, the reason for my demise from  LinkedIn and frequent Facebook Jail episodes. has been influenced by Adam Smith book The Wealth of Nations, which is considered the bible of capitalism, the invisible hand of demand and supply free market which is actually the strongest critique to the oxymoron of free market capitalism and it has a companion book: The theory of Moral Sentiments which deals, among several things, the issues regarding freedom and behavioral economics.

I signed on LinkedIn around 2003 near 18 years ago. I have been a very active participant, created groups and participated in many discussions and posted many articles from bona fide sources and wrote some. I developed 30,000 contacts probably far more if not because of the LinkedIn limit (I am popular in spite of my posts and positions), all my activity has been cross posted to other sites almost simultaneously, With an occasional Facebook Jail time (restrictions) I do not have problems there, only in LinkedIn, at this time I have no idea about why I have been booted out of the platform, I don't know if I was hacked or my positions weren't the ones of those running the platform.

I consistently have been vocal against racism, bigotry, hate, xenophobia, corruption, nepotism, evilness, callousness, incompetency, ignorance, superstition, zealous fanaticism, antiscientific beliefs. LinkedIn silenced that voice while leaving these people, many of them fake profiles run by bots and/or  foreign assets in the site (and this, not counting the prostitutes [they are small entrepreneurs], romance scammers, crooks and people offering deals in the fringe finance industry and other joker brokers. I reported some, most are still there spreading disinformation and crockery. Even had some Australian lawyers wanting me to support bee venom as COVID treatment. many with 409 Bank next of kin scams.  For a time LinkedIn was becoming a virtual Nigeria and/or London (a second Nigeria). This not counting the plethora of stupidity when the site became social media. At least, the site made progress in that front.

It just happens that the Trump/ antivaxxer/ anti mask, anti-climate change, anti-environment, flat earth, blood drinking baby eating reptilian elite, anti-science,  pro fetus but anti life after you are born, pro bleach and horse parasite killer crowd fall in the group of people whose beliefs I do not support, therefore,  I have many trolls and enemies, some people who had and even are serving and crossed the line into supporting our foes (they post in foreign publications, especially in Russia, some of these are religious fanatics justifying with canonic law their morally repugnant ideology), in fact I receive phone calls with death threats from these fringe element people, too short for tracing by the authorities (my phone number is in my profile for business). Once, one of these lunatics recognized me while going to church and came to me to attack, fortunately a police car approached and offered the guy a trip to downtown and asked me if I wanted to place charges which I refused, to avoid being tied in court for may be months. May be is a blessing in disguise to be booted out of LinkedIn, things could be nasty for me personally, as well as anyone with my moral, political and economic positions; too many crazy people in the site.

Most of my posts are about a variety of themes, from science and nature and business, about 40% are political as politics do affect our businesses and professional practices. All are cross posted to other sites with no problem, only in LinkedIn.  I posted to some of the groups I was a member and my own (what will happen to them, I don't know)

 Of course, I mean nothing to LinkedIn. I am just one in over plus 700 Million users. Collectively, however, we do matter, the site is nothing without us and a sharp decline in membership would get LinkedIn the same fate as MySpace and others. Still, one member means nothing, LinkedIn is a monopsony, like Amazon and Facebook and other Social Media Sites, they can do anything they want to us and our businesses and  nothing happens. LinkedIn can do everything to any of us, individually, and one's work, and everything will disappear immediately. Very few people control information and technology, therefore, the occasional interest by governments and their legislators about the monopolistic powers in the industry.

When Reid Hoffman (its co-founder) was more involved it was more tolerant to non-right wing nut positions, once it was sold to Microsoft, policy changed. I think it has been infiltrated by the far right and the censorship to non-right wing nut positions drastically increased.

The Facebook scandal is now in the news cycle, LinkedIn could be potentially far more sinister, because of the people who populate it (Wealthier, more educated, more powerful, with more contacts, but may be into the cult endangering democracy, no kid stuff).

 Buyer be aware.



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Francisco Lopez

3 weeks ago #9

Renée 🐝 Cormier

3 weeks ago #8

I've used LI for years and joined at the time I was retiring. It was a good way to stay in touch with those I worked with. Today, it is filled with political opinions, etc. I am amused by the comments more than the posts. I can't believe you were booted off! 

Francisco Lopez

3 weeks ago #6

Jim Murray

3 weeks ago #5

Your situation has caused me a great deal of a) anger over them doing that to someone who has been nothing but a voice of sanity there, and b) concern for my future there as I keep on doing more or less the same thing as you did. Only time will tell. I do not have a massive following there, so maybe I'm just not on their radar, to the extent that you are. I read your posts quite frequently and for the life of me cannot figure out why they would attack you like that. 

Francisco Lopez

1 month ago #4

Javier 🐝 CR

1 month ago #3

beBee is an open network where all opinions are respected, from one side or the other. BB wants to be a light in the current darkness where the big networks veto content, for interests or hypocrisy. Freedom of speech must have a place where freedoms are not restricted while respecting the opinions of others.

Francisco Lopez

1 month ago #2

Jim Murray

1 month ago #1

Whoa. That does not bode well for a lot of us. Is this a permanent thing, like as in forever? You are one of the few people I actually  followed on LI. If it is permanent you should consider creating a ghost identity, and then Linking with the people who know you. You should be able to access that list, I would think. Part 2. That really sucks.

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