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Why aren't you delegating?

Did you know that 20% of small business fail in the first year? Frightening, right? But get this, CEOS who delegate tasks have been shown to generate 33% more revenue compared to CEOs who don't. We all want to be that winning CEO.

Sadly, as entrepreneurs, we tend to want to do all the work ourselves. 

Personally, it's not that I don't trust my staff, it's sometimes due to the reality that I just can't be bothered to relay or teach how I want something done to my staff. In my head, I think that doing it myself is faster than having to train someone to do it.

Now, that is unhealthy! I now have learned that that isn't a good mindset. It isn't a good way to lead. Remember when you were still an employee and how you would feel honored when your boss would delegate a task to you?

Yes, delegation is a vote of confidence. Delegation tells employees that you believe in their capabilities, and in doing so you also get to contribute in advancing their skill-set. 

As the icing on top, delegating will prevent you from spreading yourself too thin and burning out. 

Don't hog all the work for yourself because doing so is a sure fire trip on the highway to a burnout. Delegate! 

Why aren't you delegating?Infographic Source: Scale Time

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