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Where There Is Smoke

"Where there is smoke there is fire, and pain is the messenger."

I would like to dedicate this buzz to Dr. Ali Anani, whom I believe embodies the gifts of an ancient sage...Inspiring us all to reach beyond the limitations of the physical and tap the unseen elements of existence...

My perspective of pain and illness is that almost all chronic conditions have their roots deeply embedded in our emotional bodies. It is this unseen element of existence that is easily overlooked by modern conventional therapies, as the focus tends to be specific to the physical evidence provided by the clinical manifestations of disease.

It is the unfortunate truth of modern science. It cannot seem to grasp the notion that something exists beyond the limitations of the five senses. So it rests in a holding pattern of watchful waiting, giving disease the perfect opportunity to cross the border into the physical. Now they have their evidence and you are suffering illness.

 Pain is the bodies inner messenger, sending us smoke signals to a fire burning deep within. By numbing that pain you have taken the batteries out of your internal smoke detector and your house burns to the ground. It a symptom that cannot be physically seen. If you break your leg an x-ray will validate your pain. But complain of something that cannot be explained away by a laboratory test and you are labeled a hypochondriac or even crazy.

Such was the case for many NFL football players after suffering years of severe headaches and hearing the voices that would eventually lead to their suicides. No laboratory test revealed the cause of their dysfunction. That was until a Nigerian pathologist, Dr. Bennett Omalu, uncovered evidence of brain damage as a result of repeated concussion detected only after physical death.

Unfortunately for these men, the only evidence of their injury was in their emotional state, hardly taken seriously by an establishment that refused to recognize the serious implications of such a violent sport. Dr. Omalu became the voice for these dead men and validated to the world and especially to their distraught families that they were not crazy or ill, they were injured.

 "Tapping our emotional body brings us in touch with the state our inner beingness; the very heart and soul of  who we are."

Being human does not come with an instruction manual, but it does have many ways of tapping into the infinite wisdom that is at the very core of our existence. Tapping our emotional body brings us in touch with the state of our inner beingness. It is the heart and soul of who we are. Expanding our vision and developing an understanding that there is a non-physical element to every human expression is an evolved way of thinking. It evokes in us a curious exploration of life beyond the physical, resulting in a heightened awareness that our thoughts and intentions. both of which are unseen, have a defining effect on our experience. Anger hurts and love heals. It's as simple as that.

"To a well trained therapist, the conditions of the energetic systems, or chakras, is easily revealed via careful observation of one's body language."

I recently made a long overdue visit to my acupuncture therapist after struggling for several months with a nagging pain in my back and neck that had not responded very well to any other treatment I had been trying. As a matter of fact instead of improving it was getting worse, becoming chronic and literally affecting me from one end to the other. I was at my wits end and in constant excruciating pain. My body felt like it was coming apart at the seams.

The moment I walked into my therapists office she immediately began her assessment of my situation. To a well trained therapist, the conditions of the energetic system, or chakras, is easily revealed via careful observation of one's body language. Her eyes scanned me with an intensity that to some might have been a bit unsettling. But to me this woman is a  modern day shaman, with abilities unmatched by anyone I have ever encountered in the natural healing realms thus far. She embodies the mystical gifts of an ancient sage. 

Once I was on the table she immediately began to work her magic, moving swiftly but silently around my body as if she were fine tuning an instrument. From the placement of the first needle I felt an intense pulsating surge that reverberated throughout my body, from the nape of my neck to the base of my spine, sending my energy bursting through the top of my head. Much like uncorking a bottle of champagne on New Years, my energy bounced around the walls a bit before settling down. I felt an instant release but knew there were consequences to all that bottled up energy. It had expressed itself through the pain I was in.

"It is your heart," she whispers. "You have shut it down and are now being called to open it."

 Her hands hovered over my stomach and lower abdomen. "It is here," she said, as she slowly but firmly began to massage my entire mid section. I was a bit surprised by how much pain I was feeling there. "It is your heart," she whispers. "You have shut it down and are now being called to open it."  I am writhing around now beneath her strong hands, but I trust her knowledge of the body and her innate ability to evoke and release the ancient patterns of inner conflict from the organs and tissues.

It is interesting to note here that in Chinese folk medicine, there is a direct correlation between the heart and intestines. It is where all of our intuitive powers reside. It is the seat of the soul and mine was on fire. I had not even realized how overwhelmed I was by a situation that was jolting to my nerves, calling into question everyone and everything I had ever trusted. 

I began to cry. I have struggled with this issue for a many a lifetime and was being called to let it go. "You need to send whatever you are holding here away with love," she continues. "Have compassion for the pain you are in."  I have heard it said that experience is the hardest kind of teacher. It gives you the test first and the lesson afterward. The experience of pain was my test and my lesson was learning to love in spite of it all.


"When we demonstrate a willingness to work on those inner levels, we shift the state of our being in favor of wellness."

This is a natural ongoing process of coming into one's own empowerment. It is all a function of being human. Those pesky old demons have a way of continually bubbling to the surface to challenge our awareness. Painful situations create great lessons of trust, and our anger at them creates a wall of separation, cutting us off from the love and compassion required to heal them.

When we demonstrate a willingness to work on these inner levels, we shift the state of our being in favor of wellness. What we feed our minds is just as important as what we feed our bodies. Illness and pain is just a lack of that awareness. Believe you have that kind of power and so you shall. I am reminded yet again, anger hurts and love heals. It's as simple as that.

I had lost sight of my own needs while being so focused on caring for others. The smoke signals my body was sending me broke out into a raging wild fire that seared  a path right to the heart of the matter in a most undeniable way. It is the very thing I teach others to remain conscious of whenever they are in pain, and yet I had been ignoring my own.

I guess it is life's way of keeping us humble and reminding us that we are only human. I am slowly feeling better now, but I know there is still much to learn about the mysteries of the mind and body. Perhaps if we were not so quick to medicate it every time we are in pain, we might just learn something.

Many Blessings to you all on your journey,


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Cyndi wilkins

5 years ago #14

I agree wholeheartedly Ali Ali Anani is an astounding testament to this...It is not anything "new" to us...It is the true nature of our beings that we are finally beginning to awaken to and they are leading the way;-)
Deb Helfrich shall love it and ponder on it. I greatly appreciate your passionate words.

Cyndi wilkins

5 years ago #12

Absolutely true we will all eventually come to realize, we do ourselves to greatest amount of harm when we attempt to control the "conditions" of the from the outside...There is much more to be gained by looking within... We are our own life's work;-)

Sara Jacobovici

5 years ago #11

Thank you Cyndi wilkins. I am sincerely touched by your very generous words. Your response is right on and I appreciate your powerful statement, "we begin to define ourselves by the symptoms ." Big challenge all around.
Genius respons this is Cyndi wilkins.

Cyndi wilkins

5 years ago #9

"We do ourselves a tremendous harm by compartmentalizing knowledge and dividing us up into different sections." Wow Sara have summed up the human condition beautifully in one sentence. I needed to sit with this for a moment to take it all in...Such is the tremendous gravity of the compassion behind your comment. Quite frankly, it took my breath away;-) Let me begin by saying how important it is for us to restore communication with our bodily systems...We have been separated from our "selves" for far too long. The body is our vehicle back home and has a unique intelligence all it's own. It knows the way, we just need to let it drive! Stress is the biggest perpetrator of all communication breakdown and can only be relieved by identifying the underlying emotional triggers. Otherwise we begin to define ourselves by the symptoms...Creating the driving force behind the tremendous cost of healthcare. It is up to US to become more familiar with our own emotional triggers, (the actual cause of disease), bringing our emotional body into alignment with our physical being. Not only is this a more cost effective approach to treating disease, it reestablishes our connection to spirit so that we may address unhealthy patterns of behavior with a more positive dynamic. That shift in focus alone when multiplied by many will bring into being the very change so desperately needed in the world today...A reverence for ALL life...Thank you again Sara, for your support and inspiration.

Sara Jacobovici

5 years ago #8

Bravo Cyndi wilkins. A work of art from its opening dedication to its closing Call To Action, "Perhaps if we were not so quick to medicate it every time we are in pain, we might just learn something." I would add chemically or non-chemically medicate because how we utilize information gained through technological development can also prevent us from learning. I have described myself as an integrator; we do ourselves a tremendous harm by compartmentalizing knowledge and dividing us up into different sections. I am encouraged with the direction that the pendulum has been swinging and its moving towards the understanding that everything influences and impacts on everything else. The devices and language available now is just reinforcing what we have know all along. I am grateful for the knowledge and the tools. What we need to do, as your piece does, is to remind ourselves that the body was designed long before we had the devices to describe (the tip of the iceberg) what is taking place within our bodies. Respect for our system, its design and function, is just as important as admiring the devices we utilize to observe how our bodies operate. I am honored to have my name associated with your work. Thank you Cyndi.
Feeling physical pain or discomfort is our body's way telling us something is not right. It is up to our mind to listen.

Cyndi wilkins

5 years ago #6

Thank you ...I love that you have begun to post video to showcase your work... Getting a feel for the energy of someone by the sound of their voice is very important in your field;-) Nicely done!

Cyndi wilkins

5 years ago #5

It is my pleasure to have resurrected this piece in dedication to you Ali I mentioned, it was Sara's beautiful post to you that touched my heart and inspired it;-) My rule of thumb...If it touches your is a work of art!
May be the smoke coming from a burn out body. A post well worth reading attentively
My perspective of pain and illness is that almost all chronic conditions have their roots deeply embedded in our emotional bodies. This first line of your buzz hit me emotionally dear Cyndi Cyndi wilkins. My heart opened with the added emotion of your dedication. I really feel emotionally charges with not just terrific dedication, but also of dedicating such a powerful buzz to me. The reflection of the hidden emotional forces on our bodies and their language has been been revealed so clearly to me. When we stressed overly we term it burn out. This fits very well with your explanations. A great post to share with pride

Cyndi wilkins

5 years ago #2

Thank you Bill Stankiewicz...This was originally posted a while back, but I felt inspired to resurrect it after reading Sara Jacobovici...They make a great team inspiring others to be thought leaders in their own respective fields...That's what it's all about...Sharing information through experience;-)...
great post Cyndi Wilkins!

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