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What X1K Commercials Will Do For Your Business(1.5)

What X1K Commercials Will Do For Your Business(1.5)GE VI

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Tough Love From The X1K

A promo commercial with no video marketing strategy is only suitable for decoration and is a complete waste of money.

A social media agency, marketing consultant, or home business that doesn't use paid ads as part of their marketing strategy, is planning for failure. 

Millions of want to be entrepreneurs dreams of running a successful online businesses will go down in flames because of fear.

Most social media websites are frozen rivers with virtually no organic reach.

This is the climate online the sooner you accept this reality the sooner you can generate the results you covet. Paid ads is the solution you seek.

X1K is 40% Commercials 60% Strategy(VALUE)


We provide the same strategy we use to find 2-6 clients a week with our clients. The strategy we use on a daily bases would not be possible without this Facebook Ads PDF.

We show you how to use FB Ads like a Boss, not like an employee. This knowledge can be used to start another stream(Social Media Agency, Marketing Consultant) of income.

This video marketing strategy is exclusive to clients or can be acquired for a small consultation fee by messaging me directly on my LinkedIn account.

Our video marketing strategy far exceeds the value of our commercials, because it can be used to promote any Niche.

Would You Like To Know WHAT The Matrix IS?

Millions of people beleive their business hangs in the balance of their socialmedia followers. You have been lied to. You are placing the success of your online business in the hands of an algorithm that has been designed to suppress your content so that you have to use paid ads. 
When You use paid ads you are breaking the shackles and reaching thousands of people.

 Paid ads is a robot that will find your customers for you while you sleep. You will never reach these numbers on your own.

Posting to my social media feeds is just for cosmetic purposes. 

People will eventually want to check me out and see what I'm doing.

 I have an official X1K Commercial ad running on Instagram 24-7-365 for $5/day. 

I have 2 blog post ads leading to my website 24-7-365 for only $1 a day.

 Running ads on Instagram is the ideal gateway to running ads because you will get more content engagement there. 

Services We Provide


Subcontract With X1K

Not all jobs require a videographer. A videographer will charge you 3X the amount I charge for a commercial or more. You could easily get away with a commercial like ours and pocket the other 2/3.

I have subcontracts with a few social media agencies that are in love with the service we provide.

If your curious by nature about this arrangement why not DM me on Instagram(the fastest way to contact me) or download our info package.

Order A Commercial Today

The order process is fairly simple. Just visit our online store and download the order form. all the instructions you need to know is there.

How I make the commercial based on your vision will be completely understood after you see the order form. Contact me directly on Instagram. It's the fastest way to contact me. Let's chat today!


Happy Clients

Video Intros

All intros come with a free outro

Creative Video Designs

I use interesting video designs like this to boost engagement on paid ads. Their a spectacle to look at, a lot of people are drawn to them and nobodies doing anything like this.

Designs like this is also helpful when retargeting your audience. They look grand on Instagram and don't have that black line you see on the far left.

Contacts & Subcontracts

Im on Instagram literally all day. This is the fastest way to contact me. Let's chat today! Follow us there. I guarantee with X1K there's never a dull moment. Also follow us on FacebookLinkedin, & Twitter

I also make commercials for the clients of some really cool social media agencies/ Marketing consultants. 

Seventy7 Marketing & design             Red Rope Social          Stellation Media

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stephan metral 🐝 Innovative Brand Ambassador

good onw, long time we did not cross promote each other.Shared. Ready when you are for a MybeBeeTV live Update about X1K Commercials, with prep and powerpoint presentation.

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