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What makes a good testimonial and how can female entrepreneurs get one?


A good testimonial can be extremely powerful for your business, especially if you are a female entrepreneur. Not only do testimonials build your credibility and make you trustworthy, but they are also a good way to drive sales into your business. Now, if you’ve only just started out as a businesswoman, testimonials also help to reach your ideal clients and build your reputation.

This is why it’s very important not just to get testimonials, but to get good ones. A testimonial is a sales pitch after all. And as in any sales pitch, you want your best features in the spotlight.

Before we continue with this topic, I want to inform you that; when you are serious about scaling and growing your business, working on just this one little area is not going to make a big difference. Scaling and Growing your business is always about a complex factor of working on many different areas which are all connected with one another. It is different for every business and even for every business owner.


What makes a testimonial good?

 For a testimonial to be effective:

  • It has to be authentic and relatable. Testimonials that are sincere will make the most impact to your ideal audience. Clients want to hear from real people and be able to relate to their struggles. And they are smart. They will be able to tell the difference between a genuine testimonial and a manufactured review. If you want a good testimonial, let your clients share their unique experiences and say these in their own words.


  • It has to be concise but detailed. Research shows that the average attention span of a person in this digital age is 8 seconds. So holding your audience’s attention for more than this duration requires that you engage their interest. Don’t bore them with generic information about your services. Don’t ask them to read a whole page of text or watch minutes of footage before they get to the good parts they need to hear. In other words, keep it short and to the point. 

To show you what I mean, here are some testimonials that I received from my clients as a business coach for female entrepreneurs:


I met Tineke during a lecture she gave for our business club. I felt attracted to her knowledge. I also felt a click, I felt understood and it was time for me to grow, time for the boost I wanted, time to show up in a much bigger way My company is called C-vents. It surprises its client and target group in a creative way and creates opportunities and thereby realizes growth with organizing events.
Claudia Alberda


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