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What is you area of influence?


All of us to some degree have an area of influence. An area where we are able to impact our community or at least have our ideas heard. The degree of influence we have is based on a vast array of modifiers. But we do have impact. So what is yours?

The reason I ask is because I am curious what you are doing with it. How are you using your influence? Are you using it to build a business or department or something completely different? Influence can be like a small breeze that encourages you to put on a coat or brings a smile. I ask how you are using it also because I am not sure we always use it intentionally.

Our lives are filled with opportunities to interact and not in each of them is it necessary to think the event through. Many of our daily encounters are socially controlled or guided events. In those encounters how are you using your influence? Perhaps those encounters are more character events than influence events even though influence is involved.

Our lives are not lived in bubbles even for those of us who truly wish they might be. Life is lived out among people. But our, influence our ability to impact others changes from one place to another. While we might be the boss at work we are simply a dad at our kids school. When I worked as a janitor I have to admit I had very little sway in how people acted but my influence was in first appearances. I had an impact on how they first reacted to the building.

Where do you impact people? How are you using it? Don't go through life missing your opportunities to make a difference, you never know just when your influence can make a big impact. It is your life don't just live it make the most of it. Be intentional, use your influence to bring a smile, build hope, open a door, change the world. Where can you make a difference today?


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Greg Rolfe

1 year ago #4

Hi John. Influence appears to be a bit more like smoke it affects many things that it may not even touch. We control so little but we influence or at least cause ripples in much more. Blessings sir!

Greg Rolfe

1 year ago #3

Hi Pascal! Your effort is most noticeable good sir.

John Rylance

1 year ago #2

Just as you can only effect change over things you can control you can only influence things you can control. Both can have positive or negative outcomes. It's not what your influence is its how you use it that matters.

Pascal Derrien

1 year ago #1

I suppose I am trying not to have a bad influence as for the rest probably not up to me to make a judgement I suppose 馃

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