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what are the best things to do in depression?

Since the covid-19 pandemic that started at the end of 2019, 2020, and 2021 so far has been quite depressing for most people. Depression has been on the rise as a lot of people feel alone and isolated. It is for the first time that holidays are making the public feel more depressed and anxious. People are committing suicide, there has been a rise in domestic violence since the start of the pandemic. All of this is due to the depressive state through which people are going through. If anyone of you has ever suffered from depression or know a close one who has gone through a mental illness, I am sure you will understand how hard it is and how hopeless it will make you feel. The main symptoms usually include weight loss, memory impairment, loss of interest, lack of concentration, and low mood.

According to the CDC reports, 23 million Americans suffers from depression at some point in their life. So don’t worry, you are not alone. It is therefore important to find out that if you are going through depression, there are certain things that you can do in your daily life to get better.


It is proven through research that the simple act of walking releases certain chemicals, like endorphins, in your body that make you feel calm and happy and it can help you get a relief of your symptoms of depression. No matter whether it is a form of a stroll through a park, a tour in your neighborhood, or taking your pet for a walk, being moving and being outside has shown to improve mood and makes you feel happy


Swimming is often underrated and so are the beaches. It is highly advisable to take some book or some music along with you to a beach and spend some time swimming and relaxing in the sun. According to several studies, swimming is an activity that involves the movement of all of your body parts and so it releases specific substances in your body that will make you feel better.

3)Gardening and planting

Planting especially with your own hands has been proven through research that it lessens the severity of depression. It enables you to focus and keeps you distracted so your mind won't drift to unhappy and unhelpful thoughts. Additionally, the final product of the planting will give you a sense of purpose and a sense of pride. You can start this activity with a couple of plants on your windowsill or in your home garden.

4)Read something

At times, there is nothing better than reading the book you love and getting involved in the characters of that book. If you are reading nonfiction so learning about different things will give you a sense of achievement that you are improving your knowledge. Reading is a perfect way to distract your mind from unhappy and unhealthy thoughts while also stimulating your brain. Graphic novels, magazines, comic books are also included as valid reading material.

5) Getting a routine

It is often quoted in several health journals that getting a routine is very important and helps you organize your life. The moment you start organizing your life, your thought process will start getting organized too which will ultimately relieve your symptoms of depression

In case if none of these things help you, you should consult your doctor who might give you some medications like antidepressants and SSRIs. In this case, if things don’t get better with medications, IV ketamine therapy is recommended as it has shown highly positive results in patients with severe depression.

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