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Wellness Challenge Ideas



Wellness Challenge Ideas

Activities that are fresh, meaningful, and customizable


WellRight’s wellness activities and challenge ideas help users develop new habits across the entire spectrum of wellness: physical, emotional, financial, occupational, and social—all driven by purpose.


WellRight’s corporate wellness platform features:

  • Over 400 wellness activities and challenges (and counting!), ranging from small changes to “Time to unleash your inner warrior!”
  • Flexible challenges that can be turnkey or customized for your company or employer groups, or even created from scratch.
  • Group challenges for fun gamification that brings the whole team together.
  • Scalability and configurability to evolve with your company as your needs change or grow.


Explore all wellness challenge ideas

WELLRIGHT platform has 12 different categories of fun, flexible wellness activities and challenges built right in. These fully configurable wellness activities are designed to foster healthy habit-forming behaviors. From healthy eating, to mindfulness, to team building, to fitness challenges, there is something for everyone.

Get an overview of each type of challenge on the WellRight platform, or browse all of our wellness challenges by category below.


  • Collaboration challenges encourage employees to work together, offer advice, or hold a brainstorm session.
  • Communication challenges help employees become more effective communicators and team members.
  • Emotional challenges help employees better manage their mental health through activities like keeping a gratitude journal.
  • Environmental challenges promote activities like recycling, biking to work, or composting.
  • Financial challenges can help motivate employees to save, pay down debt, or get started investing. 
  • Manager-Led challenges give managers ideas for engaging and guiding their teams with goal setting and career planning.
  • Mastery challenges help employees learn a new skill or coach or mentor a colleague. 
  • Occupational challenges help employees improve at their jobs through completing a certification, networking, or setting goals.
  • Physical challenges include both exercise and fitness activities as well as diet and nutrition activities.
  • Purpose challenges relate to the 6th element of well-being: helping employees find purpose and meaning. 
  • Relationships challenges help employees strengthen relationships with colleagues, family, and themselves. 
  • Social challenges encourage employees to get out in the community by volunteering or doing a good deed for a neighbor. 


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