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We are not designed to be Guru’s

We are not designed to be Guru’s

Years ago, I was browsing my feed on Facebook, when I came across a quote by Albert Einstein that really stuck out to me. It said, “We can not solve our problems with the same thinking used to create them.” When I read that, I stop and dwelled on that for almost fifteen minutes.

It brought me back to an audio that I had recently listened to by another speaker. He had said that, “Where I am today is a result from all the decisions I had made in the past, and after I can accept that I can move forward.” These words were painful at first, yet I knew they were the truth. At that time, I was not in a happy place in my life and I wanted to blame circumstances for where I was. Yet, I knew my life was a compounded result of my decisions.

So, how do Einstein’s words and the second quote relate. After about 15 minutes of mediation, I realized that I usually tried to solve all my problems myself, or Guru style. The problem is this: this Guru style method created 98% of every problem in my life. It was just my mindset.

The purpose of a team is not just to push my teammates ahead, yet vise versa. They are able to see something that I couldn’t. When I have a problem, they are able to think differently (or outside my box) because they are not me. So they can give me constructive criticism if I am humble enough to accept it.

The greatest example of a team and teammate in my life is my wife. We made a covenant together, and she is the greatest teammate I have and will ever have. Yes, we have different personalities but working together brings us closer to oneness. I can not do this as a Guru. If I try to do this alone, it will lead me to isolation. Since God created me a male, I am naturally full of pride, and sometimes unwilling to admit or even see my weaknesses. My wife, out of love, is one who can show areas I need to strengthen and I will trust her when she brings them to me.

Once I found the importance of "Iron sharpens Iron", my life changed in a instance. If I have a struggle, I now have others to help me recognize the obstacle to overcome. It is now just the how to put into plan.

I do not like working alone anymore. I love having a mentor and a team to work with. They help me grow. I ask questions in times I need for information. Usually, they can pass on a book or an audio to answer my question.

When I first joined a team, my questions controlled what I focused on, which in turn lead to how I felt, changing my actions. This is why I feel it's so important to wisely choose those we associate with on a regular basis.

I leave you with this: Take a look at the forces that controls every thought, every feeling, and every emotion of your life. These beliefs, values and rules will literally control the way you think, feel and behave.                            Are you really meant to do it alone?

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