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Watch On-Demand: 5 Times Telemarketing Can Get Your More Leads and Sales

Watch On-Demand: 5 Times Telemarketing Can Get Your More Leads and SalesWATCH ON-DEMAND

5 Times Telemarketing
Can Get You More Leads and Sales

Some may believe that telemarketing is a relic of the past, that it should be tucked away in a box and forgotten about. They are mistaken.

Over the last several years, telemarketing has seen some significant changes. The dreaded “cold calling” technique that has long been associated with the industry has been replaced with a new and improved “relationship building” method.

A method that has been considered as obsolete has actually proven itself as still the most effective outbound practice in today’s business market. So, by no means should you underestimate the power of telemarketing. 

As a company, we’ve had our fair share of running various different B2B lead generation campaigns. We’ve seen and tried them all, and that’s why we want to share all the knowledge that we’ve acquired over the years with you. 

Last August 18th, we held a webinar to share some of our top tips on the most effective ways B2B companies can incorporate telemarketing into their sales and marketing mix and how knowing when and when not to call your prospects can give you great results and better conversion rates. 

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Why Telemarketing Matters More than Ever

As we’ve mentioned already, telemarketing has come a long way and even though it garnered a negative impression before, 50%-60% of all decision makers still prefer to receive sales calls. As you can see from the percentages mentioned, a lot of companies are still missing out on this opportunity. 

The great news about telemarketing is that it allows you to influence your buyers at precise moments where they are about to form or change their impression towards your brand, which we also refer to as the moments of truth. 

Even with the existence of social media, search engines, and other digital marketing tools, it has been shown that nothing beats the value-driven from a one-on-one discussion with a client. Such customized interactions are critical for generating leads and closing transactions.

Today’s telemarketers employ technology to make their jobs more interesting and productive. As a result, telemarketing is expected to not only stay relevant but also grow in the future years.


‘SMART’ Calling 

Here at Callbox, ‘SMART Calling’ is a term that we often use to refer to making calls at the right time with the right message. What SMART Calling does is that it allows you to speed up your client’s decision making princess by providing them with exactly what they need at the right moment all through a phone call. 

To note here, it’s not just about making specific calls during your prospects’ awareness, consideration, or decision making stages. Instead, it’s all about making accurate calls during the most crucial moments no matter which of these stages they are currently in. 


The ‘Perfect Time’ to Call Prospects

Now, this is what everyone is itching to know – what is ? Well, there are five times where you can effectively use telemarketing, and in this webinar, we’ve carefully gone over each of these points in detail. Not only did we get into the thick of it, but we also presented various examples and situations to give you a better understanding of choosing the right time to call your prospects.

See original post for reference: Callbox - The Savvy Marketer

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