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Video Marketing Positions Open | Freelance Training

Video Marketing Positions Open | Freelance Training

X1K's Video Marketing University

I've been in the video ad game for the last 4 years. I'm stepping my online game up and I'm finally finding enough clients online to allow me to work from home full time. 

I've used this time to build up my online presence and I realize that I'm about to graduate to the next level with my video marketing business. I'm about to start running paid traffic to my lead page.

When I do this I will likely have more clients than I can handle. I need back up and I'm willing to train the right candidates for this job.

The information I'm making available for my clients will sell for $150-$500 per course.

I'm currently creating these courses on my Facebook like website that I own. 

If you wan't to start a legitimate online business and don't know where to start this is a golden opportunity for you that will not come along that often. 

If you have a online business that's not working for you this is a golden opportunity for you that will not come along that often. 

Don't let this opportunity pass you buy guys.

What Makes X1K So Different?

*This is not a course full of video marketing philosophy and fluff. We're showing you how we use video ad creation and video marketing to generate income. 
Coach Solomon Jones
We've discovered how to make top shelf video ads that can compete with video ads made by Professional Videographers who normally charge $2K-$10K per video ad. 

 No expensive, complicated equipment or programs needed. We show you how to make professional quality video ads at home in your underwear. 

 Videographers hate our guts for teaching what we teach. We've discovered a major flaw and misconception entrepreneurs and business owners have about acquiring video ads, that will cost them a load of wasted time and money in the long run. 

Why Is Video Marketing So Important in 2020?

1427cb1f.pngVideo ad creation and video marketing is not part of some kind of passing fad. Pound for pound video ads produce the best results for your business. 

More website traffic, leads, and sales is what business owners want and that's why video marketing and video ad creation is such a lucrative business in 2020. 

If you have a social media agency this kind of training will serve you well, because you will save tons of money not have to worry about finding a video guy. 

Who better to teach this subject than an active video ad creator/ video marketer who still does freelance projects for paying clients. So join us.

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