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Trending Vintage Lucite Jewellery


Lucite jewellery is a great way to express your personality while maintaining a vintage look. Even though lucite jewellery first became popular in the 1950s, this flexible and bright material is still used to make jewellery today. If you're feeling nostalgic and would like to add an element of antique to your look, the Lucite Jewellery is a must-try. Lucite jewellery, which ranges from transparent earrings to oddly shaped rings, sounds very similar to our fascination with glass, but it is lighter and shatterproof.




DuPont invented Lucite, a glass-like acrylic resin, in 1937, but the corporation later leased the trademark for jewellery manufacturing. Although, today all types of plastic jewellery are now referred to as lucite. Lucite cannot be mass-produced in large quantities. Hand-heating and manipulating the material is required. Each item must then be hand-finished with extra layers of color, paint, or foil once the material has been uniquely molded.


Throughout the 20th century, costume jewellery in the shape of Lucite grew in popularity. Before the introduction of lucite jewellery, ladies could only wear jewellery composed of precious stones and metals. Then came the dawn of an acrylic jewellery golden era, in which designers experimented with the material as a less expensive alternative to precious metals. 


Lucite Jewellery


Acrylic costume jewellery is known as lucite jewellery. It can be transparent as glass or colored in a variety of colors. Some antique Lucite items come in silver and gold tones, emulating the appearance of more expensive designs. However, the material is very flexible and may be utilized in a variety of ways, it is generally inexpensive and of low value. Even while lucite jewellery is being manufactured today, most collectors prefer older items.


Lucite today!


Lucite jewellery, however, fell out of favor by the 1970s since it was constructed of low-cost materials and was not intended to be heirlooms or mementos. However, handcrafted jewellery is still one-of-a-kind, and vintage jewellery has a sentimental appeal. Neon-colored bangles were fashionable in the 1980s, and clear hoops and see-through earrings are making a comeback again.  


Here's how to wear Lucite jewellery in today's current fashion environment:


Laurent Guillot is an artist working with Lucite, glass, crystal, and other materials. Laurent Guillot has spent his whole artistic career researching the subject of transparency. He enjoys experimenting with shape, volume, and light. Laurent has so much experience working with Lucite and is always experimenting with unique and creative designs. He had also worked with several well-known companies, including Guy Laroche, Chanel, and others.


Laurent makes each item by hand. Therefore, each one is unique and has its peculiarities. These works are limited edition because of the time it takes to work with lucite. The Collection is what you need if you want a bold and retro appearance. 




To conclude, Vintage and handcrafted jewellery collectors still collect Lucite jewellery in today's world. Not only Vintage, but the new creative lettuce designs are also getting famous amongst fashion lovers.

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