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Top NASCAR Drivers of All Time

Top NASCAR Drivers of All Time

The greatest drivers in the United States all dream of getting behind the wheel of a NASCAR vehicle. The iconic racing series has seen its fair share of amazing drivers since its first season in 1949. While any driver can win a race on a good day, a great driver’s true sign is consistency over a long period. The ability to compete at a high level every week is the only way to win championships. These are the four top NASCAR drivers of all time.

Richard Petty

Richard Petty is the first superstar of NASCAR, and he will go down as the best driver of all time. Petty dominated the sport when it was just starting to develop a massive following around the country. Petty won 200 races during his illustrious career, which is 95 more than his closest competitor. Petty’s seven-season titles are also tied for the most in NASCAR history.

Jimmie Johnson

Jimmie Johnson is one of the two drivers tied with Richard Petty with seven NASCAR championships. Johnson managed to win five of these championships in consecutive seasons, which is an incredible accomplishment. This is a record that will never be broken. Only Cale Yarborough has won at least three titles in a row. Johnson did this impressive feat in an era when championships were harder to win than ever before.

Dale Earnhardt

The final NASCAR driver with seven career championships is Dale Earnhardt. He is perhaps the most popular driver to ever get behind the wheel of a NASCAR vehicle. Earnhardt narrowly missed out on breaking the record in his last full season, which occurred 30 years after his first championship win. The immense competition from bitter rival Jeff Gordon is the only reason Earnhardt did not win more often.

Jeff Gordon

Jeff Gordon’s four NASCAR championship titles are the fourth most in the history of the sport. Gordon ranks third on the all-time race wins list with 93 victories. If you only count the modern era of NASCAR, nobody has won more races than Jeff Gordon. His appearances in movies, television shows, and advertisements help turn NASCAR into today’s phenomenon.

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