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Top 5 Funeral Home Software Applications

Funeral Home

Management Software
For Death Care Industry

Continental Ct,


Here is a collection of the top 5 Funeral Home and Cremation software applications that can help manage your funeral homes. It is helpful to study the top 5 software resources to make a choice on which funeral home software application suits your requirements.


The Smart Director


The Smart Director software is designed from the ground up with customer service as a priority. The Smart Director is web accessible and can be utilized from anywhere around the world on any web capable devices. This allows our client to submit a service request with the Live Request tool without ever picking up the phone. The provider will assign you in an average wait time in which customer can expect a return call. The software has 24/7 support available for addressing customer needs. The built-in CCC Mail tool allows the provider to communicate effectively with clients by sending messages.

Crematory Software


This software provides highly efficient method of tracking crematory management information. This is a robust software solution for tracking the cremation process, client billing, equipment usage and maintenance, forms generation and customization. It has a single point of entry for updating body/cremains status, accounts receivable management, and updated equipment usage. The Crematory Manager is a very powerful and flexible tool.

Cemetery Manager


Cemetery Manager maintains your burial space information. This software optimizes your cemetery searches, your accounting practices and inventory entries. It keeps close track of account histories, interest, and numerous trusts through the use of pre-need and trust reports. It maintain records on survivors for future means of contact, information on when and where individuals are buried. It is possible to print multiple copies of important documents already formatted or custom design reports.

The Leads Manager


The Leads Manager gives total control back to the owner. You can easily import selected contact information, generate email campaigns, track leads including the work  counselor’s perform using the dashboard. It is designed to aid the counselor by tracking all activities and appointments generated within the program. With the Leads Manager you will have at your fingertips valuable information about the counselor, your leads, and your company’s activities.



The After Care Manager


This program is to assist professionals in the death care industry, by allowing the User to set up aftercare plans tailored to the needs of the Survivors and their families. It provides the Counselor with a valuable tool to set up monthly meetings and inviting multiple survivors. Its is used to schedule a series of events targeted to provide the Survivor with the support and guidance needed to restore a sense of peace and get back on track in their lives. It is used to track all activities for each and every Client they serve.


It shows a brief about all the leading cremation software in use. A comparison is possible within this brief itself and then opt for a detailed demo before your final decision. Usability and suitability are the key factors for any software and an end user may consider these as prime for their selection process.


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