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To write or not to write; it really isn't a question


Many of us write these “blogs” with the hope of inspiring others or perhaps even ourselves. We want to help someone understand a concept or guide them to a cleaner perception. So we write. We struggle to place the most accurate information on the page we can and present it in such a way that it carries out the purpose that was intended for it. Then in most cases falls flat.

The words fail to lift off the page and fly, instead they act like balloons filled with concrete that act as ballast for a supertanker instead of buoyancy to lift the mind. It is at these moments that we often pause and consider why we do this? Why should we continue to write pages of words that fail to accomplish their Intended purpose?

Let’s be honest why should we spend the time needed to write these words that will sit unread? Words that are intended to inspire and perhaps even to encourage lie dormant unfulfilled quiet gathering dust on an electronic page filed under yet another failure. So why still try?

We write simply because we have hope, hope that someday one of our pages of words will actually learn to fly. We write in hope that eventually our craft will come together in such a way that these words will soar to the skies and matter, and on that day that hope filled day someone will learn and know and perhaps just perhaps have a better day because we tried one more time.

May your day be filled with wonder and just a little hope.


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Greg Rolfe

3 years ago #3

Indeed there are times to permit the electron to simply drift. While others must be stroked into flame.

Harvey Lloyd

3 years ago #2

Join a discussion of writing and its beauty and tribulation.

Harvey Lloyd

3 years ago #1

Amazing the thought reflected here is the axiom, its better to appear the fool than open ones mouth and remove all doubt. I think this has merit in some ways but also offers us road blocks to exploring thought. A thought is an electron drifting in space never created into anything. Once we write or verbalize the electron it now has meaning, a point and place and most importantly we have to articulate the thought into reality. I dont believe this can be taught. The art form of taking thought to paper is a creation story. Its one that we humans learn through trail and error. But with recent phenomina of “Branding” and the trials and tribulations of being wrong, we are more hesitant. Genesis 1 explains that God “spoke” and things were created. If we sense the image of God within us, then we too are to speak life into our world. No easy task. But none the less is our task. If our creation of thought goes to paper, does it speak life or create something in another? This is the real test we can apply. One of the deeper thoughts offered within the Bible is the thought, two things are happening we when present a thought, a deliverer and a receiver. The ultimate question is which one are we writing to? Great and stimulating thoughts to start the day. To rewrite the axion above i would state, If we cant speak life into, then we should keep the thought a drifting electron.

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