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Tis the season to celebrate

Tis the season to celebrate

Well, it's that time of year again, where we begin thinking and talking about the holidays. We each have our own celebrations that we have kept. These traditions are what help make this time of year special and significant to each of us.  

Some traditions surround meals, others the obtaining and decorating of the tree. Still, to others, thanksgiving is more the focus of the season. A time when you gather to simply enjoy good friends, family, and food. These are the days, the events that make the difficult times so much easier to handle, they place life in perspective.

So if as you have read this a tradition has come to mind, what was it? Why is it so special to you and yours? I ask not only so you might share it with us but also so that you might recall the true power of traditions. They keep perspective. Traditions are an amazing tool to help us cope with adversity and frustration. Celebrations guide us back to what matters in life and help us place the difficult times in their proper place in time and life.

It can be easy to want to set aside simple traditions when we feel stressed or burdened but let me simply recommend that you take the time to truly enjoy those traditions and celebrations. Each year we see is faced with different struggles some minor while others are far more difficult to surpass. But each struggle has its place in our lives and each has something to teach if we are able to place them in the proper perspective.

And while this has been a rather different year, enjoy the time ahead and celebrate the season with all the traditions in place. Perspective is important. Traditions have a place, a rather important place. Enjoy the days ahead.


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Greg Rolfe

10 months ago #6

!!!!!!!!!!! Love It


Ken Boddie

10 months ago #4

Tradition takes many forms, Greg. One such custom was born on a cold winter’s night, close to Christmas Eve, when Santa had had a particularly gruelling day. The elves had downed tools, refusing to make any more toys until they got their Christmas bonus, the reindeer were demanding longer carrot breaks between flights, and Mrs Clause had been nagging poor old Santa relentlessly about trimming his beard and losing some weight. When Santa had just about had all he could take, a sweet little fairy skipped up to him and asked, “What shall I do with this Christmas tree, Santa?” And that’s why, every year, there’s a fairy stuck on the pointy end of the Christmas tree. 🤗

Greg Rolfe

11 months ago #3

Zacharias \ud83d\udc1d Voulgaris interesting premise. Precedent. A pre-standing order or understanding. What would this mean for the mental health of many?

Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris

11 months ago #2

I hope it's possible for people to celebrate this year, with everything that's going on. A student of mine was planning to visit his brother for Thanksgiving and had to compromise with a teleconference instead. Not sure what's worse, the fact that many people have to make such compromises or the precedent this creates for future holidays. Cheers

Pascal Derrien

11 months ago #1

Christmas is massive in Ireland (the country stops for two weeks almost) but I was raised in a different country where while it is important it is not so prominent in the calendar but hey it has become a new tradition of mine :-)

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