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The truth about Heaven and Hell

The truth about Heaven and Hell

It appears that there are actually a couple of people who read my posts. So I thought I should be straight forward and honest.

If you do not believe in Heaven or Hell I am sorry but your position does not change the facts. Heaven and Hell exist. They are the only two destinations to which all people will arrive at. This being said you have the option of choosing to which destination you will arrive.

You may choose to attend Heaven or choose Hell. The true issue is you must choose now. You may not wait until your death and inspect the campus of each. Please remember just because your family and friends will be attending Heaven does not mean you will be joining them. Again you must choose.

Just as a heads up, please be aware that Hell is your default choice. You will be attending Hell if you do not intentionally choose to change you allegiance and move your membership to Heaven. It is not required to attend all the meetings and gatherings associated with this change of allegiance, but you will find many of them helpful.

While attendance of either Heaven or Hell is mandatory you will not be necessarily notified of your arrival date. So preplanning is most defiantly advised. In order to help with your planning we have received a couple of notes smuggled out of Hell to encourage you attendance to Heaven. I felt the knowledge of these notes worthy of sharing. Though of greater assistance, many who plan on attending heaven are more than willing to share their reasons and a clear method of how to transfer your letter of attendance.

On the positive side all travel and travel arrangements will be made on your behalf as you are not notified nor required to give travel dates.

Please be aware that all destination are indeed permanent, transfers after arrival will not be permitted.

Again please forgive me for being blunt but our opinions of the facts are very clearly irrelevant.

Choose carefully.


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