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The Top Fishing Podcasts


Fishing is a sport that captures the imagination of millions of people around the world. It is estimated that one in ten people fish recreationally, with the total number of those fishing for pleasure estimated to have reached 220 million. The rise of the podcast has not escaped the fishing sector, with several becoming immensely popular online.

The Blue Fish Radio Show

For anglers who want to learn as much as possible about fishing and the ecosystem occupied by fish, The Blue Fish Radio Show is the perfect podcast. The show is released across three episodes each month under the leadership of host Lawrence Gunther. Each episode takes the form of a 46-minute show, including several interviews with experts in a specific fishing subject.

Tom Rowland Podcast

Tom Rowland is a well-known figure in the angling sector for his work as a guide and a professional tournament angler. What sets this fishing podcast apart from the others on the list is the way Rowland goes about selecting his guests. The podcast usually includes a fishing expert talking to the host for 35 minutes. Three episodes a week are released, with Rowland giving a voice to those he finds interesting in several sectors.

Addicted Fishing

The Addicted Fishing Podcast is a short podcast of around 20-minutes per episode. The podcast has tackled subjects surrounding the most popular fish in the U.S. The podcast is not as prolific as the others on this list with four episodes released each quarter. The podcast delves deep into the intricacies of fishing for each type being discussed.

Bite Me: A Texas Saltwater Fishing Podcast

There is something enjoyable about the interaction between John Lopez and Captain Scott. The t3wo hosts give the fishing podcast a grizzly appeal for those of us not fishing the waters off Texas. The hosts discuss the best options for offshore and inland fishing in Texan waters, with several stories interweaved into every one-hour-long show.

Big Fish Podcast

The Australian fishing sector offers unique challenges and pressures. In the Big Fish Podcast, the Australian host provides a quick rundown of the recent news in the New South Wales region. For those of us not living and working in Australia, the events detailed are exciting to hear.

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