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The new year is almost here

The new year is almost here


The year 2021 is only a few days away. We stand on the brink of the new year, a year that offers the yet unknown. A new adventure, a new day. Now I know that many of those you know will say what is new about it except the date? My answer is exactly that, the date.

We associate so much with a date. In fact, most everything we do revolves around a date. Anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, vacations, and if you think about it the list goes on. So yes a change in date is relevant. And the change in a year is big. Consider going from 15 to 16 in America. One year can be vast.

So a new year is upon us. A new set of opportunities arrives, perhaps not all at once but arrive they will. New chances to learn and understand. New stories to write or read. New choices to make. A new year is like a sunrise, it is full of promise. We can choose to see it or instead focus on the problems.

Will the problems simply vanish like the morning mist if we simply ignore them? No. There will always be pain and vexation. But focusing only on problems does not solve them, it simply drains the ingenuity to offer new solutions. Seeing the promise of a new day or in this case, the new year provides the impetus to look beyond the problem to the future.

2021 is almost here and what you choose to do with it is completely up to you. You choose your approach to the new year. You choose how you see the dawn. Dream big, plan well, and go for it.



Greg Rolfe

2 years ago #6

Ken Boddie you are very right in the fact that to change we must move from our comfort zone. And to encourage this type of change in ourselves takes courage and need. This is why we often fail to make the changes when that change would be easier. Have an amazing new year!

Ken Boddie

2 years ago #5

I’m not so sure that the new year-date brings much in the way of change, Greg, other than a chance for many to list their resolutions, only to eventually drift away from them. I prefer your sunrise and brand new dawn concept, where today’s sunrise heralds the first day of the rest of our lives. The choices are ours and only we can free ourselves from our bad habits and steer ourselves along a healthier and more rewarding way of life. The problem with most of us is that, to invoke change, whether in lifestyle or work, we actually need to break out of our comfort zones and actually invoke change. 🤗

Greg Rolfe

2 years ago #4

Thank you Pascal Derrien and Franci Eugenia!
Have a safe and successful 2021, Greg!

John Rylance

2 years ago #2

In 2021 I intend to choose to Keep Safe. Something I would wish for everyone that they stay safe, and more importantly they do what they can to make/keep others safe by their/ our/ my actions. We are in this together lets as much as possible work together to overcome what difficulties arise.

Pascal Derrien

2 years ago #1

its true that we love milestones and other demarcation timelines, leadtime, ETA etc etc have a good one Greg :-)

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