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The Marketing Power of FB Messenger and Viber

The Marketing Power of FB Messenger and ViberSource: Mobile 360

Thanks to technological innovations, marketing your business is easier than ever. Unlike before, when brands were limited to traditional forms of advertising, entrepreneurs today can now utilize various online channels to drive sales. To build a robust online presence, many have built websites, put money on PPC ads, and have gone big on social media. 

In recent years, messaging applications have also gained traction as a digital marketing channel. Facebook Messenger and Viber allow users to instantly message their friends and loved ones wherever they may be. 

For many brands, these apps have driven engagements to a more personal level. Nowadays, you can see businesses regularly conversing and providing extensive customer support through Facebook Messenger or Viber.

According to analytics firm Gartner, trends suggest that customer service requests coming from mobile messaging apps will exceed those sent via social media channels. In fact, over 20 billion messages are exchanged between customers and businesses on messenger monthly—a direct indication of how useful it is. 

Given the vast number of options in the market, customer standards are higher than ever before. Apart from the high quality of products and services, consumers also consider the experience they’ll get from a brand. This is why most tend to check review sites and consult with past clients before they officially close on a deal. 

With that said, giving your customers a smooth time transacting should be one of your top priorities. One good way to keep your customers happy is to make yourself readily available for queries. Some do this by opening a hotline, dedicating a landing page for concerns, or managing inquiries through email. 

Regardless of what their preferred mode of communication may be, brands that make it easier for their customers to reach them have higher acquisition retention rates. 

With instant messaging apps in the picture, you can use these platforms to your advantage. With the figures above, it’s clear that being present in both messaging applications can do wonders for your business. 

Compared to other forms of advertising, the cost per lead for Facebook Messenger marketing is 30–50 times less than that of a Facebook ad. Additionally, average open rates for Facebook Messenger messages is 50–80%, with a 20% average click rate. This makes it a cost-friendly solution that will optimize your marketing ROI and enable you to outperform rival businesses. 

Meanwhile, Viber is incredibly easy to use and available in over 193 countries. If you want to improve your customer service quality, being available on the app will put you within arm’s reach of your clients. Take VTB Bank as an example: by implementing Viber to its support strategy, the company was able to reduce customer complaints by over 80% in just a single year.  


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