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The Detriments of a Poor Night's Sleep

The Detriments of a Poor Night's SleepTHE, DETRIMENTS OF A

There are a few things that affect one's well-being. One of them is a poor diet. Failure to eat healthily could result in health complications. The other one is sleep. Often people tend to be oblivious to how essential sleep is. Lack of enough sleep may not seem harmful at first, but it causes more damages in the long run. Some of the detriments include;

Effects of a poor night's sleep

1. Lack of concentration

Sleeping helps one clear their minds of the day's hustles and prepare the body and mind for a new day and new engagements. Lack of enough sleep means that your body and mind is not prepared to take on new tasks. This results in mental blockage and low concentration both at work and at school.

2. Weight Gain

Adequate sleep is associated with the appetite suppressant in that you can regulate how often you get hungry. The opposite happens with poor sleep; it results in more mid-night snacks and the inability to exercise regularly. The result of this is weight gain. Studies reveal that most people who do not get enough sleep tend to be obese.

3. Skin complication

The development of puffy eyes is often due to poor sleep, but so are age lines, dark circles under the eyes, and unfriendly complexions. No one wants to look old with aging lines and puffy eyes. Lack of sleep can lead to all this and more harm to your skin. That is why it is vital to ensure that one gets a good night's sleep.

4. Mood change

This is all familiar damage where one gets cranky and grumpy all day. When you have enough sleep and rest, one's mood is brightened up, you are happy. Lack of sleep results in a negative mood and may also lead to depression.

5. Poor immune system

Adequate sleep allows your immune system to work correctly, and your body can defend the body against germs, so you are less likely to get minor flu and cold. However, poor sleep reduces one's immunity meaning that one may get sick more often.


The list for the damages caused by a poor night's sleep is long. That is why one should ensure they get enough sleep to concentrate, exercise more, and live a happy and positive life.

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Hikmah Sannang

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