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The Big Book of One-on-One Questions






The Big Book of One-on-One Questions

A Reliable Resource to Fuel Productive Performance Conversations

  • Are your managers having regular performance conversations with employees?
  • Do they know the right questions to ask?
  • Are they using their time to push performance forward and address must-discuss topics?

Set your managers and employees up for success with this resource!


The Big Book of 350 One-on-One Meeting Questions is jam-packed with ideas to fuel productive performance conversations. It has categorized questions into important workplace topics, such as career growth and development, job performance, goals, and more.

While incredibly effective, one-on-one meetings can be intimidating. You might not know what to discuss, or you might be overwhelmed with too many topics to discuss. That's why this ebook is provided with a bank of 350 one-on-one questions to help you have more effective and meaningful conversations.

Here's a sneak peek at some of the questions!

  • Which of your strengths are under-utilized in your current role?
  • How do you like to be recognized?
  • What would help you complete your projects or tasks?
  • How could we be more creative or innovative as a company?

Key Takeaways:

One-on-one meetings are a critical component of the performance game.

In fact, 55% of highly engaged organizations said employees are expected to have one-on-ones monthly or quarterly.

These conversations are used as communication and development tools in the workplace. Here are a few topics covered:

  • Career Growth and Development
  • Feeling Valued
  • Goals and Goal Alignment
  • Job Performance
  • Work-Life Balance

Source: Quantum Workplace

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