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The best software for the death management needs of the society.

We are Continental Computers Inc. serving clients to their needs of Funeral Home Software, Mortuary Management Software, Funeral Home Accounting Software, Funeral Manager Software, and the like. We have a unique identity in proving ourselves as providers of superior software to the death care industry since day one of our inception, back thirty-plus years. It is not that we have not experienced the fact that taking the royal road to be the very best in software is not very easy. However, with Providential Grace, it has seen us tasting success at the end of having a spanner in the works, invariably. With the acumen for knowing what people look for in a good software as a candidate for Funeral Home Management Software, we could climb higher with every project that we undertook, that is to tip the scales in a highly competitive global market.

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"We have been using their funeral home
management software since the MSDOS
operating system. They have always bent over
backwards to meet our needs. Have never
had a problem they did not resolve."


We deliver the most powerful, versatile, and customizable software in the world money can buy, and you could see that for yourself. Our staff is selected and assigned tasks for their best performance and output and it is seen that they do what they are best at.

Our product, “The Smart Director”, is an online web solution tool that interacts with you all around the globe without any vicissitude, and is user-friendly too. You invariably end up with the bottom line of convenience and the exuberance of world-class standards and sophistication of details.

Our videos detailing the product are quite more than a reference so that in all probability, you find the answer to your query right within them. Perchance, if that is not so, you are free to advise us, we are all ears to your requirements and service. These videos are all accessible through the interface and can be replayed over and over again, till you are so conversant with the software, that you do not require them anymore as assistance.

Our funeral software offers saving of time by lesser interaction, printing forms with minimal control, Integration of Contracts and Accounting, Inventory Control module, Family Survey Engine. All the features work from just anywhere, anytime and there is only a single fee for any number of users. We have many feathers on our cap: the Main Products being The Smart Director, The Smart Crematory Manager, The Leads Manager, The After Care Manager, The Smart Accountant, The Pet Crematory Manager, The Smart Results, etc. Which are already well-established software products under the banner of Continental Computers. Funeral Home Management Software and Custom Software, catering to varied customers worldwide, is very comprehensive and designed with the special “UDESIGN™” technology tool for customizing the rich experience each user gets, whatever the number of users who are using the software. Each data entry interface can be chosen and customized by the user of the program, and its flexibility regarding the sanctity and integrity of the data input is more than just worth appreciating. This again is understood better that the software is customizable for the novice to the expert. Our software addresses all of what your enterprise would possibly need, which means to say that it is well beyond the normally demanding requirements of most funeral-related establishments worldwide, and even more than just that.

The importance of a strong customer relationship is not new to us, and our software has provisions for communicating any difficulty or any service requirement you may have at hand. We are here to look after all your needs with patience, till you are fully satisfied. You will never even need to take up the phone to get help. There is a live request tool, which you interact with this funeral software wherein you will be served the help with your request based on an average wait period considering the current list of customers to be attended to at the time of your help request. Its tacit implication is that your work will be attended to at the earliest possible time, without any delay. You may note that ours is an anytime, anywhere service. Requests received after business hours, on weekends, or holidays will be addressed on the immediate working day. Funeral home management software brings convenience and luxury to your home to family members as the software is capable of printing death certificates, funeral contracts, veterans forms, social security forms, transit permits, just to cite a few of its capabilities. Service requests are attended to directly from the Live Request Tool.

Crematory Management is now established as a specialized tool to manage the growing demand for professional management of cremation. As the cremation percentage increases, you can manage the cremations professionally with our Smart Crematory manager software. It monitors the entire process of Cremation, Client Billing, Equipment usage and maintenance, form generation, and customization. It optimizes your search for crematories, accounting, and inventory data. Document templates built into the system enables you to draft and craft your funeral reports.

Our special tool for communication, CCCMail, is integrated into all our software, to attend to the needs of your mailing us, and it is here that we mention our holidays and off-hours. It also announces the bad condition of weather in our locality, just to keep you updated on that, too.

So, you have before yourself the most sophisticated software platform that can handle all your death care needs under one ticket. To get the feel of it, just try our demo, and you can see for yourself what we could do for you, do call us at (800) 240-1016 

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