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The Apollo Paradigm: Phase 2


Co- Creators in Consciousness:

This buzz is an expansion of ideas shared within the rich soil of the comments section of my latest article, "Apollo Paradigm' and another, 'Hurting Memory Stains' by Ali 馃悵 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee

Studies have shown a visible 'jump' in the neural circuits of聽the brain scans of 'short-term' and 'long-term' pain patients. The scans of the long-term pain patients showed a switch in gears from the sensory circuits to those of the emotional centers of the brain where cognitive disorders such as anxiety and depression develop.

Making a shift in consciousness in the moments we are 'triggered'聽聽reorganizes our thoughts.聽This literally shifts our neural circuits and sets up a new 'bio-field' through which we are able to interact with the world on a different level of thinking and doing and rise to the challenges of day to day living.

Once we have broken through our negative thought patterns, what do we do with them?

Negative thought loops not only have a detrimental effect on our behavior patterns, they also have a profound impact on our physical bodies. Once we have established a ready, willing and 'ableness' to engage, we will need effective bodily support to help move this energy through us. Here are a few techniques I found very helpful for me, and my clients as well, to manage the discomfort you may encounter as you work through this transition.

Massage For Trigger Points:

Myofascial trigger points are the most common cause of musculoskeletal pain. As I often find in my bodywork practice, these pain points are often associated with the聽 'muscle memory' of an聽emotionally charged event. Locating and inactivating these points to address pain at its source聽releases the hard contractions on the muscle fibers to relieve even the most longstanding conditions. Results obviously vary from person to person, but most experience significant improvement in their symptoms.

Frequencies: Auditory Therapy

Re-synchronize your brain waves by using binaural beats to gently balance your brain states and open your chakras to increase proper energetic flow throughout the body/mind complex.聽 Research has聽found that the use of binaural beats in the alpha, theta, and delta patterns has a positive effect on the body/mind by decreasing anxiety/depression and increasing quality of life.



The techniques used in Acupuncture have been profoundly influenced by the beliefs and practices of traditional Chinese medicine.In Chinese philosophy, it is believed that there is a flow of energy that permeates everything. If this energetic flow is blocked or slowed, a stagnation occurs and creates various symptoms often resulting in illness or injury.

Magnet therapy:

Magnet therapy can be used in much the same way as acupuncture by positioning magnets along meridians or energy channels to promote circulation and proper energetic flow throughout the body. It is a useful, non-invasive solution to effecting the same healing results as the needles themselves.


There are many ways to create a daily meditative practice...It need not be done for long periods sitting in a lotus position. This is a daily practice that can be as simple as taking a quiet walk in nature while doing some deep diaphragmatic breathing along the way to draw oxygen into your body.

Ionization therapy:

Another easy one! Get a salt lamp for your home or office. They make a great decorative piece while emitting negatively charged ions to reduce pollutants in your air space.

Reinforce positive thoughts through writing a dialogue with yourself.

At the end of each day, even if you've had the 'worst day ever' try to find SOMETHING positive about it. The fact that you woke up at all is a good start! With daily practice we will begin to step into our 'new skin' (Ian Weinberg will totally relate to that one!) and learn to listen more and talk less while having profound respect for the perspectives of others along the path to healing.


This is a journey we are ALL making...
Let us put our best foot forward in collaborative effort to leave a lasting legacy for all of us to be proud of.
聽My hope is that you, my brethren, may find embedded within these words your place in the sun...

For more interesting articles on my work, Please visit my website/blog @聽聽聽聽

"The music of the soul

gives life to the universe,

Flight to the IMAGINATION



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Cyndi wilkins

2 years ago #27

Pretty much everyone I have ever known is afraid of the 'dark' or the unknown...That is until we flip the lights on;-) Fear is the imposter that hinders us from BELIEVING that everything is achievable. Internalized fear creates a feedback loop of pattern behavior where we continually doubt our abilities to accomplish our goals. Narcissists are masters at using fear inducing behavior as a means of controlling their prey...Our best defense against such a predator as fear (or darkness) is inflicting a little light on the subject....and sometimes that means diving down into the deep to retrieve the pieces swept away in the current...When you 'feel' yourself being triggered by your circumstances, you are being called upon by YOURSELF to take a closer look into what lies beneath. Thanks agian Tausif Mundrawala...I'm so happy to be the first to benefit by your return to the hives;-)

Cyndi wilkins

2 years ago #26

Absolutely agree...Ian Weinberg is another one of the 'Masters of Mindfulness' helping all of us to navigate the mine field of mindsets;-)

Cyndi wilkins

2 years ago #25

Thank you for your kind support Swati Khandelwal;-)
I am enjoying the discussions so much dear Cyndi wilkins. I learn from you my friend and from all commenters. It is a collaborative journey to learning.

Cyndi wilkins

2 years ago #23

Thank you as well Savvy Raj, I managed to bring this to fruition;-) Interesting how once I committed to putting my thoughts in writing, I flipped the lid on my own 'Pandora's box'...which immediately presented me with an opportunity to practice what i preach! I have an awareness of having to be 'prepared' for saying such things because I will be the among the first to be 'tested'...I guess that means, be careful what you wish for right? Lol! It's so nice to see you...I hope all is well with you and your family...

Cyndi wilkins

2 years ago #22

Thank you for sharing this Buzz Gerald Hecht...BTW...My sense of direction was obliterated long before GPS...I actually have to give it credit for my renewed confidence in undertaking the dreaded road trip;-)

Cyndi wilkins

2 years ago #21

Believe me Joyce \ud83d\udc1d Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee, I find myself challenged by this piece every single day! You should have seen me last last night while watching my Bruins lose to St. Louis...I drove my family clear out of the room with warnings to remember my blood pressure;-) Lol! Nobody's perfect...
You know me well Joyce \ud83d\udc1d Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee. I like to "feel"things physically. This may explain why I say that creativity is turning the intangible to tangible. I use extensively metaphors (even though maybe risky sometimes) to explain my thoughts. This way I may touch them, rotate them, fold them and visualize them.I may then draw them. This is how I am and not all people are created the same. What suits you may not suit me. I find myself very often not publishing a new buzz till zi find a metaphor to explain myself. Mostly, if I may find more than one metaphor to compare ideas. For example, I developed many metaphors for leadership and for storytelling so that I could compare my derived conclusions. For me, abstract is fermenting a fruit and spoiling it. For others, it is improving the use of the fruit and extending its value. We differ my friend and this is the spice of life.
I so envy people who can unravel these things. You and Ali \ud83d\udc1d Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee do it so very well. You lay a verbal path many can follow. My mind dwells in the abstract and only comes to life after many points of reference come together. Then the unraveling comes to bear. I wish I could do what you do.
You glow with interruptions

Cyndi wilkins

2 years ago #17

I will certainly look into the buzz this afternoon when I can give it my full attention...Seems that today is my day for 'interruptions' ;-)
Thank you dear Cyndi wilkins. The quality of your buzz prompts me to share it again to give more exposure. Please allow me to add my newest buzz to your references. It is titled "Underground Feelings". I could have easily called it "Underground Pains". How to deal with their roots?

Cyndi wilkins

2 years ago #15

Thank you very kindly for continuing to share this buzz... It is intended as a 'road map to recovery'....meant to be digested slowly in small bites...All of the pieces of this puzzle are contained within the richness of the words. Again, for those who may be new to the conversation, there are several buzzes to be read as 'interchangable' parts of this one... The links for 'Apollo 1' and 'Memory Stains' are embedded at the beginning of this well, a must read by Ali \ud83d\udc1d Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee...'ThaeDilution of Pain'

Cyndi wilkins

2 years ago #14

David Navarro L\u00f3pez...Thank you for those kind words...I do honor and respect your position in our dialogue...Much of what you have stated has been my own 'inner dialogue' for decades...I just reached a point of no return and really had no choice other than to change the conversation. I had been furiously treading water for years while the sharks circled patiently waiting to move in for the kill. That shift in thinking helped to save my life and place me on the path to recovery. You need not feel any pressure to comment further if you do not wish to...Just your being here makes all the difference in the world...I honor that!
Dear Cyndi wilkins- you reminded me of Ready Steady Go! There you go. Yes, I am satisfied with your answer.

Cyndi wilkins

2 years ago #12

"Do you consider readiness is preparedness?' The two are synonymous yes?.As in readiness being a state of preparedness. In order to be successful, this must come first...We can be willing...but if we are not prepared to walk through the fire, we will simply be engulfed in flames. Does that answer your question dear Ali \ud83d\udc1d Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee?
Dear Cyndi wilkins- I keep reading this buzz because it is worthy and rich. One question that I have is related to your writing "There can be no readiness without a willingness to take action. That would just be setting us up for failure. You would not run into a burning building without the proper tools to extinguish the fire. So we will need to put in a place an effective support system to assist us in moving through the challenges related to change". You mentioned readiness AND willingness. My question is where do you place preparedness so as to be able to extinguish the fire of pain? You explained the tools available to use, but having the tools requires readiness. Does this mean you consider readiness is preparedness?.

David Navarro L贸pez

2 years ago #10

Dear Cyndi, first things first, it is my pleasure to interact with you. I am surprised how could I have missed such a beautiful soul as you are until now, but glad we have finally met. I will bring later my comments to your two Apollos. There are two things about me commenting. When I find posts and people like you, who inspire my respect, I don't use to comment right away. I take my time to think about it, the same way that you have done by writing the post. the second is, I never read the comments done by others of your posts, unless you specifically bring it to my attention. See you around

Cyndi wilkins

2 years ago #9

David Navarro L\u00f3pez...I appreciate and honor your perspectives...

Cyndi wilkins

2 years ago #8

I have to admit though, I don't know what I'd do without GPS...My sense of direction is horrible! And any maps I might have had in my glove compartment have long since been used as kindling;-) Lol!

Cyndi wilkins

2 years ago #7

Interesting you should say that Gerald Hecht...I have always felt my daughter came into this world already 'wired' for communication via these little devices...In fact, SHE has been teaching ME about the operation of these gadgets;-) My job as her parent is to teach her how to have 'real time' interactions...Nothing more frustrating than sitting around waiting for an answer to an email or text...Just pick up the phone and use your voice! Scares the daylights out of them;-)

Cyndi wilkins

2 years ago #6

We have all been the co-creators of chronic illness...You stated it perfectly Pascal Derrien;-)

Pascal Derrien

2 years ago #5

I agree isolation for many has become a long term solution it is worth a mention.....

Cyndi wilkins

2 years ago #4

Although the 'scientific' piece of the puzzle may elude me Gerald Hecht, it makes perfect sense (to me anyway) that if we are able to consciously intercept these dysfunctional neural signals when they are set in motion, we have a far greater chance at making a 'shift in perception' and effectively committing it to memory...I would also suspect we would begin to see in the not to distant future a very significant decrease in young Alzheimers/Dementia patients...Very frightening that we are seeing the emergence of these neurological disorders generally reserved for the elderly coming into being for many at a much earlier age of onset....Curious...don't you think?
馃槑 Cool

Cyndi wilkins

2 years ago #2

Thank you Ali \ud83d\udc1d Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee for your kind support in 'walking beside me' during the process of co-creating new conscious ground to cover. This buzz had quite a lot of moving parts to work through while I waited patiently for all the pieces to fall into place. Re-organization of thoughts can be a tedious process;-) AI think I am developing a new practice in patience;-)
Oh dear Cyndi wilkins will enjoy thoroughly. I am not less excited as I have the coverage of this buzz of relevant buzzes and comments extraordinary. Reading your buzz I paused while reading "with each interaction serving as a new universe unto itself". Yes, the quality of a great buzz is that does the same. You explained this firmly towards the end "..with the world on a different level of thinking and doing and rise to the challenges of day to day living". WE can;t solve problems at the same level that generated them and I am in this state now. I am sure I shall be back soon to enjoy the comments and engage whenever I am excited. .

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