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The amazing secrets for creating the best cigarette boxes

 The competition in the cigarette industry is pretty tough. Various companies are continually trying to take their brand to the top by applying multiple techniques. One of these techniques is packaging. Packaging of any product, including cigarettes, plays a vital part in increasing sales. This is because customers mostly rely on the packaging and price of cigarette boxes when deciding which one to buy. Hence, by investing in creative packaging, you can attract more customers and boost your business. Here are the secrets for you to achieve your ideal cigarette boxes: 

Choose easy-to-use designs


Every box contains a specific number of cigarettes. So, the box has to be used again and again. This is why efficiency is an essential factor when it comes to plain cigarette boxes. These boxes should be easily accessible so that customers, especially chain smokers, can use the cigarettes whenever they want. Moreover, complicated packaging often frustrates customers which makes them refrain from rebuying that brand again.  

Thus, it is vital to choose an elegant and functional design as well for your cigarettes. Tuck-end boxes are mostly used for also Sleeve Boxes as they are easy to use. However, you can use any other design as well, such as: 

• Sleeve boxes. 

• Seal end boxes. 

• Five-panel hanger boxes. 

To maximize the efficiency of cigarette packaging wholesale, you can include inserts as well. Inserts are a useful way to keep the cigarettes in place. Moreover, inserts make assembling the cigarettes easier and neater as well. The inserts most commonly used for this purpose are: 

• Cardboard. 

• Paper. 

• Punch inserts. 

Use the best materials for your boxes 

Cigarettes are fragile products; thus, it is essential to choose high-quality materials. You should pick such a material that offers premium protection to your cigarettes. There are various materials available in the packaging industry. However, it is critical to ensure that the quality of the material is good. 

Cardstock is a commonly selected material for these boxes. It is thick and durable. Furthermore, it is readily available, which makes it inexpensive as well. Hence, by choosing cardstock, you can get affordable Paper Cigarette Boxes

Similarly, you can also use rigid material for your boxes. This material is thicker than cardstock and protects cigarettes from moisture as well. On the other hand, you can choose kraft material if you’re looking for a sustainable option. Kraft material is resilient, biodegradable, and recyclable. Moreover, people prefer eco-friendly packaging over regular packaging. Thus, by choosing kraft material, you can not only protect the environment but increase your sales as well. 

Carefully consider your printing options


The information printed on your boxes plays a vital role in displaying your cigarettes. After customers are attracted to your packaging, the next thing they do is pick it up and read it. So, this is the part where you have to convince customers to buy your products. This can be done by including two to three qualities that make your product great. Moreover, you can also print a catchy slogan too. Also, it is essential to print the logo and brand name on the boxes in an engaging way to make them stand out. 

In addition to this, you can customize the font style, color, and size of the printed text as well. Another great thing about custom printed Cardboard Cigarette Boxes is that you can select a printing technique as well. You can choose any method that fits your requirements and makes your boxes look best. These techniques include: 

• Flexography printing. 

• Offset printing. 

• Digital printing. 

Keep your packaging simple yet unique 

It is essential to design the packaging according to the target audience, and the target audience for cigarettes is adults. Hence, the packaging should be simple yet distinctive. It is not necessary to choose vibrant colors to attract adults. Thus, it is best to go for a minimalistic look. This can be done by using one or two colors in an eccentric way.  

To elevate the color scheme, you can select a color model of your choice. The two models available for cigarette boxes wholesale are: 

• CMYK: This model uses four basic colors; cyan, magenta, yellow and black to make other colors. It is an inexpensive model. 

• PMS: The Pantone Matching System uses different color codes. Thus, it is a relatively expensive color model. 

The coating of custom Empty Cigarette Boxes can also be customized according to your requirements. Choosing a suitable coating can significantly elevate the design of your boxes. The two main coatings used are matte and gloss coating. However, you can also use spot UV, which gives both gloss and matte effects.  

Use add-ons to give your boxes a finishing touch


Add-ons are a great way to make your necessary customizations such as printing, look fantastic. They act like beautiful decorations which take your boxes to the next level. There are various add-ons offered by the packaging industry. Moreover, they can be utilized in any way you wish. For instance, you can use die-cutting and PVC windows to give a glimpse of the cigarettes inside.  

Similarly, you can use embossing or debossing to make the information printed on the box look magnificent. Also, you can use foil stamping in custom cigarette boxes which are available in different colors as well. 

Pick UrgentBoxes to help you out 

UrgentBoxes is a US-based company that has various solutions for your packaging problems. They manufacture quality cigarette boxes at great rates. Moreover, they offer professional advice for making the designing process easier for you. UrgentBoxes also offers free delivery of custom cigarette boxes in the USA. 

For further information, you can contact their customer support or visit their website as well.


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